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Throw Me in That Milkweed Patch!

Riding Nature’s Wave with Milkweed!

Milkweed is one of my favorite green gifts.

I love it’s early Spring shoots, young leaves, the milky latex sap that makes the whole process of gathering Milkweed such a memorable sticky experience, the flower buds, the pungent perfumy flowers, the edible seed pods, and the not so edible seed pods lined with seeds of promise each attached to a parachute of silk packed tightly awaiting the drying of Fall winds to burst the gray pod open releasing these fluffy sky divers to find a new field to sow and begin the process again. [Read more…]

Spreading the ‘Wild Fire’

Eating Bee Balm……so sweet!

What a joy it is to teach children about wild food.  I like to think of it as spreading the Wild Fire!  This past week, I had the privilege of introducing 30 eager learners ages 5 – 30 something (it was a mother daughter week at camp) to their wild heritage in God’s stores. [Read more…]