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Wild Seed Breads

Wild food feasts are my favorite way to teach how to identify, gather and cook with wild blessings.  I’ve hosted many wild food dinners featuring various cuisines: Oriental, Greek, Mexican, American and Italian.  Below is the eVite I just posted to many of my friends who are interested in the wild side!  I’ll post pictures of the event later.  I’m working on a French menu for the Fall.  Eventually, all of the recipes for each dish will be posted on this website under the Cooking tab.  

Dear Friends,

You are invited to another wild time at the Drakes.  With an abundant heirloom tomato crop and zucchini in vogue I decided to feature Italian cuisine with wild foods.

The wild gifts are abundant as well, with Summer’s wave bringing berries and seeds to the table along with the many canned, dried or frozen weeds harvested earlier in the season at the peak of their energy.  Here is the menu:

Italian Wild Food Feast


Wild Blackberry, Elderberry  or Bee Balm Tea & Sumac Lemonade

Pickled Cattail Shoots w/ Brie & Yellow Dock Seed Crackers

Bruschetta Rounds w/ Wild Pesto

Wild Greens Salad, Edible Flowers

Cattail ‘Corn on the Cob’ w/ Garlic sauce

Dandelion Italiano

Caponate w/ Sorrel, Purslane & Elderberry Capers

Italian Milkweed Pods Casserole

Milkweed Shoot & Sassafras Spaghetti Sauce w/
Deer Meat Meatballs or
Mushroom Veggie Balls

Fresh Peach Cobbler w/ Wild Blackberries
Hemp Vanilla Icecream

Hot Peppermint Tea or Dandelion Root Coffee

All non wild ingredients are organic.  There will be plenty for vegetarians and non gluten eaters to enjoy as well.

Join me to learn about the art of shopping in the wild.  We’ll forage, cook, eat and then watch Linda Runyon’s awesome DVD as she explains more about thriving off of the land.

A plant ID quiz will finish the evening.  Wild Blackberry jam goes to the winner!

Cost is $40.  RSVP soon as there is only enough space for 12 cooks.  Please be on time.

Wild blessings abound
Holly Drake

Proverbs 22:3 “The wise man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them, the fool goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

PS Follow me on Twitter to see what I am foraging for.  Right now is the time to harvest those gorgeous crimson Sumac spires of berries.  Get them on a dry day and do it now before bugs take up residence.

PSS Don’t worry I will NOT be serving orange spaghetti as part of our menu.  You can read about this fascinating INEDIBLE plant at my website:

PPSS Freshly made Elderberry Syrup is available for sale.  Stock up for flu season or just enjoy on your pancakes.

Elderberry Creations


  1. Joy Lewis says:

    I received a message that my eVite RSVP did not go through?????? I plan on seeing you then 🙂

  2. David Morrison says:

    We had a wonderful time. Thank you!!

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