Archives for September 2011

Wild Stew w/ Beech Nuts

Beef Stew gone wildly nutty

This is the year for Beech nuts!  Some years they don’t make an appearance but this year there is a bumper crop.  The stately Beech trees save most of their gifts for their furry squirrel friends but still offer low lying branches full of these tasty treats for foragers to gather.   I harvest them every chance I get being inspired by Linda’s astonishing Beech nut story in her latest bestselling forager’s book, Eat the Trees, where she devotes 14 pages to the Beech and it’s many gifts. [Read more…]

Wild Fried Wontons

Wild fried wontons, Autumn Olive Berry dip

While shopping in nature this morning I found a tasty first year Evening Primrose plant, lots of lemony Wood Sorrel and decided to add them into my wonton mixture for dinner.  Adding wild foods to any recipe is a great way to boost the nutritional value of a meal. [Read more…]