I’m Holly and I live in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. My dog Skipper and I used to roam around these mountains together, but Skip died last Fall at almost 15 years old. He was always up for adventure and I miss my furry shadow.  I explore the beauty of God’s creation and learn as much as I can about wild foods that are available to us for free.

How can I do that, you ask? Check out my blog and see what I am foraging as the seasons roll by bringing green gifts from root to fruit.

Everywhere I go I am looking for new wild foods

I have always loved nature.  Even as a little girl my pockets, socks and hats were always stuffed with crumbled flowers, acorns, magic pebbles…even minnows (poor things!). Not much has changed in that regard. Now not only my pockets and baskets spill over with green blessings but every hook and cranny in our home has some wild gift hanging to dry.  My husband is a patient man.

Speaking of my husband, his name is Jason and he is an artist.  We make a perfect twosome.  Often we hike these hills together, Jason looking for a composition to paint and I for wild edibles and medicinals.  It’s a satisfying arrangement.  I could never be bored as long as there is a new green plant to meet and get to know.

Jason and I have four sons (one in heaven), one daughter in law, and two beautiful granddaughters, Norah Rose and Olivia Claire Drake.  I look forward to lacing Daisy chains with them and making Dandelion blossom fritters and sipping Linden tea with Violet icecubes.

The most important thing about me is that I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  God’s Creation is, in my mind, His way of revealing His character to us.  Such power yet delicate artistry, such diversity in colors, shapes, textures and smells….  Nature is my playground of worship.  Everything about my Creator has been revealed to me through His world and His word.

“From the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun, the name of the Lord is to be praised.” And so I praise Him and revel in His love and His provision of all things wild to bless and care for us.


Wild Blessings.com is a work in progress.  Eventually I hope to have these aspects to my site:

  • Wild Recipes.  I am a wild foods chef and offer regular wild food feasts where the guests come to learn, forage for wild edibles, and cook an international flare meal together.  The cuisine is sometimes Oriental, Greek, Italian, Mexican and Indian or French.  Here I will post a few of my wild recipes for you to enjoy.  Coming soon will be a cookbook with all of them provided along with tips for shopping in the wild and getting the best ripe deals.
  • Wild Plants Photos and Bio. A plant section following the evolution of spring greens from root to fall fruit.  I carry my camera with me everywhere I go.  My goal is to have step by step photos of each plants transformation along with info on what parts to eat when, how to prepare and a few tips on medicinal and practical blessings of each plant.
  • Wild Wisdom.  A section on foraging rules, and general guidelines for shopping in the wild. Where to shoppe, what kind of shopping carts are best, budgeting your free groceries sustainably, when to find the best deals, how to put away your groceries (drying, freezing, pickling, canning or making infused vinegars, oils or honeys…)
  • Wild Thoughts.  A section where I’ll post poems, bible verses, songs, praises…. about God and His green gifts
  • Wildly Healing Tips. I have been compiling a fairly comprehensive list of natural cures for common ailments. (many remedies from wild plants)  This part of my website is written for my children (all grown) they are my motivation in compiling these simple yet profound healing hints.  Subjects I will cover: strengthening the immune system, headaches, colds and flu, fevers, coughs, allergies, earaches, acne, bites and stings, aches and pains, burns, cuts and scrapes, digestive problems, insomnia, oral care, eye health…  Each category is addressed in these seven ways: 1. Nutritionally  2. Lifestyle  3.Herbally  4. Vitamins and Minerals 5. Household remedies 6.  Body or energy work 7. Essential Oils

I love where we live – this is near Hebron Falls

If you want to add additional thoughts to the smorgasboard of ideas please feel free to write about them in the comment section.  I would enjoy learning from you as well!

  • Holly’s BLOG.  The blog section is a bit top heavy.  I have 100 some drafts from ‘old’ blogs that I wrote over the last few years to my Herbmentor forum or to you that I have yet to edit and match with photos.  I’m thinking I will organize them by month so people can read what I’m up to at any given month as I surf Nature’s wave.
  • Events.  This section is where I’ll post my upcoming Wild Dinners , classes and workshops
  • Resources.  I am a learner.  My grandfather used to say “A day I haven’t learned is a day I haven’t lived”.  He lived well.   I love this part of my site because I get to introduce you to the sites and the people that inspire me and have broadened my horizons.  I also link you to some of my favorite YouTube videos just for fun, and a few family sites as well. It’s not all about plants in this section!
  • Young Living Essential Oils. The plants essential oils are their life blood and their immune system, so as much as I LOVE the whole plant the essential oil is the most healing part of the plant.  Young Living is the company that I work with and I am so impressed at how they beautifully they grow and distill these aromatic oils on their own farms in their perfect ecological environment around the world.  I am thankful that I know about the medicinal properties and constituents of the wild green gifts that grow under foot but the essential oils are far more effective in treating physical challenges.

So that is the overview of my Wild Blessings web site.  Check back often to see new posts.   I’d love to hear from you, you can follow me on Twitter and I’ll update you there as to what I am ‘shopping for’ or what wild gift I am cooking up in my kitchen.

Wild Blessings Abound!


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