January Freebies


Happy New Year Everyone!

I love the beginning of the year! and new beginnings…fresh starts. So many Joyful blessings to look forward to this month that I can’t wait to share with you..  Young Living makes it easy for you to live a healthy life style and be energized to be at your best.  This page is dedicated to allll the ways you can take advantage to win & save in the month of January.  


Here is the short list: Read below for all the details and links to contests and forms.  With Young Living you get so much support and encouragement to invest in your health and your family’s wellbeing.  I know these past four years have changed my life.  I feel younger than I am! And I love a good deal that helps me afford premium non toxic products for my life.

  • Young Living January Promotions AMAZING Free stuff
  • Awesome Aromatherapy Accessories Stash
  • Diffuser necklace and Essential Oils Reference Guide
  • Highest Potential Roller
  • $600 of YL product 
  • Jade facial Roller
  • Magnetic essential oils rack
  • Llulemon gift card $100
  • 10 Active and Fit Kits 
  • Select 30 Oils Collection
  • Roils Beach Trip

The 28 to Elevate wellness coaching plan is an outstanding reset for health goals and habits to start the new year off with intention and encouragement. I joined this month long program that holistically addresses lifestyle changes together.  Anyone want to join me?  

Young Living’s January Promos

300 PV on Essential Rewards – Retail value and SAVINGS OF $174.02

Health = Wealth! These free YL products are PERFECT for getting your wellness journey kickbooted and to support your 28 to Elevate challenge which starts January 7th.  Details here.   

Supporting your digestive system is key to transformation and vibrant health.  Did you know about 80% of your immune system is in your digestive system? Did you also know that your emotions are hugely effected by the health of your gut!?!?  Get your digestive system on the right track! Here is a short description of each free oil in YL’s January Promotions

DiGize Vitality: FREE 5 ml bottle THIS MONTH* when you place a 100 PV order on Essential Rewards!  It is a blend of oils that includes ginger and fennel, which makes it a great complement to the Life 9 supplement to support your digestive system. Never travel without this oil from Young Living!  

Citrus Fresh: FREE 15 ml bottle THIS MONTH* with a 190 PV order on Essential Rewards. New year’s goals can be overwhelming and bring up a lot of occasional anxiety when you think about everything you want to accomplish.  Citrus Fresh can be used ANY TIME of day for a little calm and uplifting at the same time. It’s a citrus scent with a hint of mint. Great in the diffuser, sprayed on linens, or added to wool dryer balls! I know you will need this in the New Years sooooo why not get it free!

Life 9 Probiotic: Get a one month supply of Life 9 FREE THIS MONTH when you place a 190 PV order.  Full body health starts with a healthy gut. A probiotic with live cultures is a great way to make sure your digestive system has all the healthy bacteria it needs to absorb the good nutrients and function optimally! Life 9 has 17 billion live cultures from nine beneficial bacteria strains! Have kids? Check out the Kidscents MightyPro for your kids. A Pre & Probiotic that tastes like candy! 

Longevity:FREE 15 ml bottle THIS MONTH with a 250 PV order   Add Longevity to your morning skincare routine to promote youthful-looking skin. Give your skin care routine a refreshing boost by mixing this essential oil blend in your skin care products. Your gonna be another year older this year but you don’t have to look another year older!

PanAway: FREE 5 ml bottle THIS MONTH with a 300 PV order. New fitness goals? PanAway is the perfect blend to apply to sore muscles and joints. Don’t let being sore be your new year’s excuse for not hitting the gym after day one! If your muscles or body feel sore, take a few drops of this blends, mix it with a carrier oil and rub anywhere and everywhere as often as needed.

* Bonus Essential Rewards – You will only receive these bonus oils (DiGize and Citrus Fresh) when you order through the Essential Rewards program. 

Holly’s January Contest & Giveaways

  • Holly’s Gift this month: A stash of aromatherapy musts!

Enter for a chance to win this collection of aromatherapy organizational MUSTS! Pump bottle, spray bottles, Boston round dropper bottle, jar, inhalers and 10 aromaglide filaments!  🙂

You can earn points by:

  • Enrolling as a new member or enrolling others (a point for each new member)
  • Joining Essential Rewards for the first time
  • Joining YLGO or YL GO+
  • Spending 100 PV on an ER order
  • Spending 300 PV as an ER or a Quick Order (can be entered twice if you did both)
  • Posting a video of YOU unboxing your December Essential Rewards order on your Facebook wall or Spunky Oils. Be sure to tag me!

 Holly’s Gift to you when you join Young Living w/ a Premium Starter Kit of your choice                                                                                                                                                    

When you buy a Premium Starter Kit with me in January you will get this beautiful necklace as my gift to you, along with the essential oils bible “Essential Oils Reference Guide” to empower you in how to use your oils to be your very best you in your welcome box. 🙂   Young Living offers 4 starter kits: The Premium Starter kit with the oils and diffuser, Thieves kit, Ningxia Red starter kit, Savvy Minerals toxic free make up starter kit.

Join Essential Rewards in January and start SAVING points for FREE OILS, also enter (Becky’s offer below) to win a year of free ER! Worth $600

Sign up for Essential Rewards for the first time this month you will receive a roller bottle of Highest Potential as my gift to you! Be sure to check below to read Becky Webb’s personal offer (contest) for those who join ER this month! 

Becky Webb’s amazing offer – Free Essential Rewards for a YEAR $600!!!

A note from Becky Webb about her generous offer:

Are you on Essential Rewards Yet?!?! If you are not enrolled yet, you MUST read below!  I’m SUPER excited to share with you a very special promotion this month just from me! LISTEN UP those of you who have not taken advantage of Essential Rewards yet!  It’s time! 

Enroll in Essential Rewards ANYTIME during January 2019 and you will get entered to win ESSENTIAL REWARDS for an entire year!! EEEk!!! That’s a $600 in product credit! 📦

There is no better time than now to get enrolled in Young Living’s very unique wellness program. A wellness program where you can ditch harmful chemicals for your home and replace it with clean plant base products that will better your health with EASE!!

Get your Young Living products delivered directly to your door each month! While getting points back to use on free product!

Thieves hand soap, Thieves Household cleaner, Toothpaste for myself and my kiddos, Savvy Mineral Makeup (my favorite), many of my favorite supplements and favorite oils are regulars on my Essential Rewards order. I don’t have to go buy shower gel, soap, or mouthwash anywhere else.

Plus, get the opportunity to cash in on EXTREMELY reduced shipping with a YLGO or YLGO+ subscription!! I pay one price and then get shipping credits for the year. I’ve literally saved $100’s of dollars on shipping with the program. 💰

Who is ready to get started with this amazing program? 

Once you enroll & process your order on Essential Rewards during the month of January, make sure you fill out the form here to be entered:: https://goo.gl/forms/9F5hQ5cbxpOhmIE02

Young Living Help 5

How cute is this magnetic essential oils rack? 

When you earn five points in the Help 5 program during January, you’ll receive this magnetic essential oils rack. 

Details here: https://www.youngliving.com/help5

Earn 1 point by enrolling a new member with a Premium Starter Kit, 1 point by enrolling a member in Essential Rewards for the first time*, and 1 point by reactivating a preexisting member with a Premium Starter Kit. (A preexisting member must have been inactive for over 24 months.) 

*New Essential Rewards enrollment includes members you get back on the program who have not been on it for six months or more.

Samantha Wright – Beach Trip 

Details here: Enter to win a weekend at Wrightsville Beach, NC with Sam and 5 other Roil Leaders! 
(Travel cost not included)

We will spend the weekend having fun in the sun, vision-casting, cooking together, relaxing, and focusing on our dreams!

POINT SYSTEM: Highest 6 Spots Win!

Submit your points at the end of each month. Points accumulate December – March.
All points must be entered before April 5th to count!

  • + 1 point for every new Premium Starter Kit personal enrollment (or new member who spent 100PV or more)
  • + 1 point for every new Essential Rewards participant (must still be on ER as of April 1st to count)
  • + 5 points for reaching the rank of Executive at any time (prior to this contest counts)
  • + 5 points for achieving the rank of Silver at any time (prior to this contest counts)

If there is a tie, then the person with the highest ordering percentage wins.

Enter your points as you go, or at the end of each month. Up to you!

Hint – keep track of your new ER enrollments by storing the email you get from Young Living when a new member enrolls in ER.

***Enter 1 entry at a time!***

Form: https://goo.gl/forms/JlVtSr0dEU0c9dUw1

Myra’s Giveaways – WERK it in January !

WERK IT in January!!  Are you ready to make January AMAZING??!! I am!! The giveaways this month are simple and SO FUN!!! 

💥 EACH ONE REACH ONE – Enroll your VERY FIRST Premium Starter Kit member EVER, fill out the form, and automatically EARN a beautiful jade facial roller to use in your skin care routine!

>>>>>FILL OUT THIS FORM AFTER you’ve enrolled your FIRST EVER Premium Starter Kit member!


💥 ENROLL 4 new Premium Starter Kit members during January, fill out the form, and be entered to win 1 of 10 bundles of one Active + Fit Kit and a $100 Lululemon {activewear} Gift Card!!!

>>>>>FILL OUT THIS FORM AFTER you’ve enrolled your 4 new PSK members!!


💥 ORDER 300PV+ on Essential Rewards, fill out the form, and be entered to win an incredible Select 30 Oils Collection!! If you maximize the promotions with another 300PV quick order, you may fill out the form a second time!
>>>>>FILL OUT THIS FORM AFTER you’ve placed your 300PV+ ER order!


Announcing Holly’s December Winner…

Oils in the House of the Wise wooden storage block winner is…Amy Griffin  Congratulations Amy!!

 Grateful for the 8 Ways to SAVE with Young Living

Being money conscious is part of doing your best for your family these days and I want to help you by passing on ideas that I am excited about. Young Living rewards their customers in ways you might never have heard before. I know we all are looking for ways to protect and invest in our well being with nontoxic, life-giving products that are affordable. I want to show you the multiple ways Young Living blesses their customers and you can benefit from them right away.  Check out all these ways to save money with Young Living…check out my blog called, 8 Ways to Save BIG with Young Living and watch my video!

I am here for you all.  Feel free to text me, call me, PM me or comment here on my blog with questions or suggestions.  I am so thankful to be in this wellness journey together!
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