March Freebies


Personal transformation is easier with the help of Young Living’s toxic free products and essential oils! This page is dedicated to sharing with you ways you can take advantage to win & save in this month of March.

Here is the short list: Read below for all the details and links to contests and forms.  With Young Living you get so much support and encouragement to invest in your health and your family’s wellbeing.  I know these past four years have changed my life.  I feel younger than I am! And I love a good deal that helps me afford premium non toxic products for my life.

  • Young Living March Promotions
  • Holly’s March Giveaway Contest: YL Wool Dryer Balls & Lavender Essential Oil
  • Essential Oils Reference Guide and Essential Oils Labels for new members on my team
  • Diffuser Necklace for new Essential Rewards sign up
  • Myra’s Favorite Things Birthday Bash Amazing GIVEAWAYS – over 20 winners
  • Desert Mist Diffuser – Becky’s 100 Drops of Oil a Day March Challenge 
  • Portable Phone Charger – Help 5 Contest
  • An all expenses paid trip to 2019 Young Living Convention 
  • February Holly’s Giveaway Winner announced

Young Living’s March Promos

Young Living March Promotional Items:

Spring is in the air with Thieves! When your order hits one of these PV levels you will receive the corresponding products for FREE! Look at everything you get for free when you hit 300 PV!

300 PV Level – Retail Value $186.05

Thieves® Household Cleaner, 14.4 fl. oz., with YL-branded microfiber towels

  • A safe, all-purpose cleaner that can literally clean everything. Use it on counters, toilets, mirrors, windows, floors, toys, clothes. When I say everything, I mean everything!
  • How cute are those towels going to be hanging around?

Kunzea, 5 ml

  • Mix Kunzea with Purification oil in your diffuser to purify the air.
  • Apply this oil to your chest for a breath of fresh air.

Thieves® Foaming Hand Soap, 8 fl. oz.

  • This is the safest option to teach your little ones how to adopt healthy hand washing habits. Everyone loves the spicy gingerbread scent of Thieves Foaming Hand Soap.

Thieves® Fruit & Veggie Soak, 16 fl. oz.

  • Use Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak to safely clean your fruits and veggies
    without leaving behind any cleaner residue or taste.
  • Fill a small spray bottle and take it with you wherever you go!

Thieves® Dish Soap, 12 fl. oz.

  • Wash your dishes with an uncompromising kind of clean that leaves your
    hands and dishes free of chemicals and residue.
  • Add a couple of drops to water and clean your jewelry for a quick shine!

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusives*

Thieves®, 5 ml*

  • Refresh and revitalize musty carpets by adding 5 drops of Thieves to a cup of
    baking soda. Combine and let sit overnight until the oil is absorbed. Sprinkle
    over carpets and vacuum thoroughly for a room you won’t want to leave.
  • Diffuse in your living room to fill your home with a rich, invigorating aroma
    of cinnamon.

Orange Vitality™*, 5 ml

  • Infuse any cake or muffin recipe with Orange Vitality!
  • Add it to your morning green drink and savor the hints of crisp citrus that pack not only a punch of flavor but also immune system support and antioxidant properties.**

*Receive these two oils when your 190+ PV order is placed through the Essential Rewards program, which is the best way to save money and support your health. If you need more details on this, let me know!

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Holly’s March Contest & Giveaways

 1. Holly’s Giveaway Contest: YL Wool Dryer Balls & Lavender Essential Oil

FYI:  Dryer sheets coat our clothes with a subtle layer of slimy chemicals, which is why they feel a little softer.  The most common softening chemicals are called ‘quarts” short for quaternary ammonium compounds) The association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics, a leading international authority on asthma, calls these chemicals asthmagens, substances that can cause asthmas to develop in otherwise healthy people. According to the author of The Brain Wash, there are seven potentially toxic common chemicals found in dryer sheets that contribute to central nervous system disorders and depression and may cause headaches, dizziness, and vomiting.

So my gift to one of you this month are YL’s amazing woolen dryer balls and a bottle of Lavender EO.  They are so fun to use, non toxic OF COURSE, throw them in the dryer with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and ditch the dryer sheets forever!

Enter for a chance to win!

Make separate entrees for more than one category or for each new member you enroll.

You can earn points by:

  • Enrolling as a new member or enrolling others (a point for each new member)
  • Helping one of your inactive YL members reactivate
  • Joining Essential Rewards for the first time
  • Joining YLGO or YL GO+
  • Spending 100 PV on an ER order
  • Spending 300 PV as an ER or a Quick Order (can be entered twice if you did both)
  • Posting a video of YOU unboxing your March Essential Rewards order on your Facebook wall or Spunky Oils. Be sure to tag me!


 2. Holly’s Gift to you when you join Young Living w/ a Premium Starter Kit of your choice – Essential Oil Labels

When you buy a Premium Starter Kit with me in March you will get a packet of essential oils label top stickers and as always an “Essential Oils Reference Guide” to empower you to know how to use your oils to best advantage!   Young Living offers 4 starter kits: The Premium Starter kit with the oils and diffuser, Thieves kit, Ningxia Red starter kit, Savvy Minerals toxic free make up starter kit.

3. Join Essential Rewards in March for the first time this month and you will receive a beautiful diffuser necklace as my gift to you!

Essential Oils are ESSENTIAL for vibrant living! If you USE your oils you will need to buy more, so join Essential Rewards to get the best deals.

If you don’t know what Essential Rewards (ER) is, just click here and learn.

ER is the best perk of being a Young Living customer!

Myra’s Favorite Things Birthday GIVEAWAY

If you are on my team you are also on Myra Yarbrough’s Vibrant Essentials team.  March is Myra’s birthday month and she always make it a celebration!! 🎉 She is giving away 10 of her favorite things! There will be 20 winners total…some prizes will have one winner, others will have 4 winners! 😍
How do you enter to win??
🌸 ENROLL – Every time you personally enroll {or reactivate} a new member with a 100PV order, fill out the form!
🌸 ER – Every time you personally enroll {or reactivate} an Essential Rewards member and process their 100PV or greater order, fill out the form!
🌸 300PV – When you place your 300PV Essential Rewards order, fill out the form!
**You are responsible for keeping up with your own entries.
**When we draw winners we will do so randomly for prize of least value to prize of greatest value!
WOOHOO!! This month is going to be amazing!!!!   You may wish to join our leader Myra Yarbrough’s Facebook page, Vibrant Essentials, to follow along with her giveaway details.  Or you can just fill out the forms as you qualify.

Becky Webb’s 100 Drops a Day March Challenge

Becky is another leader of our team, Revolutionized Lifestyle is her Facebook group. You will need to be added to her group to participate in this challenge.  Message me if you want to be added and get started.  The real win is how your life improves but winning the Desert Mist diffuser would be amazing!

Here is Becky’s challenge:

Are you ready for a SUPER fun #100dropsaday challenge to jump start your wellness during the month of March?

I think it is time say #hellohealthybody and SUPER charge your Young Living membership by being fully INTENTIONAL about your Young Living products.

Are you ready for this?

💕💦You could win a Desert Mist Diffuser!!!💦💕

💦 WHAT: 
We are having a Team-wide challenge!!! EVERY day, we will be challenged to – in some way – use (approx) 100 DROPS of OIL!!

Starting Today, March 1 , through March 31

💦 HOW:
Each day, try to use 100 drops of Oil. (No, you don’t have to count them)

>>> Diffuse all day, put oils on your feet, on your head, on your face, in your bath/shower, on your kids, on your pets, , in your laundry, start the “great day protocol”, or use your brand new Freedom Sleep & Release Collection, make a perfume, use oils in your cooking, oils in your car, oils in your water, oils in your daily Ningxia Red, roll them on before you do a facebook live, oils before bed and during sleep!

The ways we can use them is infinite!

I don’t know if a day goes by where I don’t use around 100 drops of oil. Our health shows for it!

💦 WHY:
Gary Young used hundreds of drops of oil in a day.He kept oils in his pockets all day long. It helped him fight a million battles!
When we USE our oils, we get the benefits. Oils have a tremendously high frequency, and wellness is found in healthy persons with high frequency.

We want the benefits… so we have to use our oils! What good do they do, sitting on the shelf?? YOU are worth it! YOUR family is worth it!

Be sure to SAVE this post, because your comments on this post will be how you enter the giveaway! Find the post by searching with “#100dropsaday”.

Comment below, ANYTIME throughout the month, as many times as you want, telling us the different ways you are getting copious amounts of essential oils into your life.

(Some examples: “Today I used 8 drops of oil in the diffuser, I usually use 4,” “Just covered my kids in oils before they left for school,” “I baked some lemon cookies with lemon essential oil.”, “I have been doing the Great Day protocol every day,” “I have been oiling up every night before bed. 3 drops of cedar wood and 3 drops of StressAway.”, “I used oils in my nightly face routine,” etc.)

One lucky participant will be selected to win a Desert Mist Diffuser — but that is the icing on the cake. The REAL win is reaping the benefits of an oil-filled life and seeing the vibrancy in daily life!


Start your 100 drops today, and tell us what you are using and what you are doing!!!!!! Your comments will inspire us! Start your comments TODAY, and let’s see how everyone uses their oils all month long!!!

I couldn’t be MORE EXCITED!!!! Who will invest in themselves this month? I am so excited to hear your stories, see the transformation and jump into being INTENTIONAL together!

Help 5 Bonus

Help 5 is a points system. When you earn 5 points you qualify for a FREE gift from YL. This month it is a YL-branded portable phone charger! There are many ways to earn points.

One simple way to earn the 5 points is to help 2 of your friends order their Premium Starter Kit on the Essential Rewards program and help one existing member join ER for the first time!

Help 5 details here:

How to Earn Points

  • Personally enroll a new member with a Premium Starter Kit.
  • Personally enrolled a member for Essential Rewards with a 50 PV order
  • Reactivate a member’s account with a new Premium Starter Kit.*
  • Reenroll a member of your downline in Essential Rewards with a 50 PV order. **

* Reactivated member must be inactive for 24 months to qualify for point reward.
** Reenrolled member must be inactive for 6 months to qualify for point reward.

Win an all expense paid trip to 2019 Young Living Convention!

One of my favorite companies, GROworkspace, is hosting a contest and the grand prize is an all expense paid trip to Young Living’s 2019 Grand Convention. Convention is an experience like no other. A chance to immerse yourself in the oily world, try new products, and experience a Young Living farm firsthand!

The Contest starts March 1st, 2019! Find out more HERE.

Join YL’s Free Shipping Subscription Program YLGO or YLGO+

Just like Amazon Prime, one time subscription for free shipping for a year of Essential Rewards orders. These are introductory prices so jump on it while you can.  Saves about 1/2 price of shipping.  Join on your Virtual Office, or call Young Living and have customer service help you 800 371 3515

Announcing Holly’s February Winner…

Essential Parfumarie   Congratulations Tracey Conway!!

Grateful for the 8 Ways to SAVE with Young Living

Being money conscious is part of doing your best for your family these days and I want to help you by passing on ideas that I am excited about. Young Living rewards their customers in ways you might never have heard before. I know we all are looking for ways to protect and invest in our well being with nontoxic, life-giving products that are affordable so I want to show you the multiple ways that Young Living and your team leaders bless their customers so you can take benefit right away.  All the details are explained in this blog, 8 Ways to Save BIG with Young Living and watch my video!

I am here for you all.  Feel free to text me, call me, PM me or comment here on my blog with questions or suggestions.  I am so thankful to be in this wellness journey together!
828 406 8241