My Foraging Prayer

Sand Cherry Blossoms in April

My Foraging Prayer

Lord, open my eyes to behold wonderful things from Your world this day.  Psalms 119:18

Unlock just one more of Your secrets in hidden places for me.  Isaiah 45:3

Show me something that I can safely eat and prepare for my well being and for those I love.  Psalms 145:15,16

Teach me to be a wise woman who is in tune with your creations cycles and the movement of Your Spirit.  Ecclesiastes 3:1,11

Fill me with awe of Your magnificence, Your creativity and Your goodness from the shy violets on the forest floor to the stars that You breathed into existence and call by name. Isaiah 40:25-28

May I never worship the creation but rather the Creator and Sustainer of all. Romans 1:20-24

Enlighten my mind with timeless truths that Your creation patiently proclaims to any who will be still long enough to listen. Colossians 1:17

Bring my senses back from slumber to be fully awakened to each smell, texture, taste, nuance of shape and color and even the faintest stirrings of life.  Psalms 46:10

Restore to me my heritage from generations of my forebearers who walked Your earth knowledgeable of Your bounty and who reveled intimately in Your presence. Psalms 145:5

May every forage into the ‘green’ draw my heart closer to Yours. Psalms 105:3

Stairway to heaven