So I’m often found reading a great book, listening to a podcast or surfing the web looking for more to learn especially on all things WILD.

Below are some of my favorite websites regarding: Wild Food, Herbal, Health, Family & Fun



Favorite Wild Foods sites:

1. Linda Runyon’s  Of the Field website is my number one place to peruse and learn from along with her fabulous books, my favorite being The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide.  A MUST HAVE book for any forager.

I have so much to say about Linda Runyon that I wrote an entire blog about her.  She knows what she is talking about having lived off the land and off the grid for decades.  Her knowledge is unsurpassed.  Book mark her website and sign up for her free newsletter on wild food.  She also has a weekly radio show that is so informative.

If you purchase her book from you will receive the E book of her recipes and her monthly newsletters (featuring plants that are currently in season) for free.  Send an email to with ‘please send ebook” in the subject line and mention my name Holly Drake.  I also LOVE her wild food playing cards which she created for the military, and her book Homestead Memories is a great read aloud for the family.

2. Green Dean is a bit quirky but certainly well informed.  He has a plethora of youtube videos on identifying and preparing wild plants to eat.  I think he has over 200 videos by now.  It is from him that I copied the idea of ITEMizing in my plant monographs.  I stands for Identification T stands for Time of year to harvest E stands for Environment the plant can be found and M stands for Method of Preparation.  Why reinvent the wheel?  His website is extensive as well.

3. Marc Williams ethnobotanist from the Appalachian mountains is one of my local mentors.  He and Frank Cook took me on my first edible plant walk, we hiked to a stream, a farm, a woods and visited a waterfall in one eight hour adventure that changed my life.  I am deeply indebted to Marc and Frank.  Marc has an on line course on learning plant families based on the book, “Botany Everyday” by Tom Elphel.  He teaches the five main plant families and their characteristics and from there you can learn to identify individual plants with greater accuracy.  His teaching style is wonderful.  He also does Forage to Feast classes that are inspirational, educational and delicious.  Learn from Marc.

4. Wildman Steve Brill, a wild food enthusiast and gourmet chef.  Many of his fabulous wild recipes have been the inspiration for mine or I’ve just used his!  He was once arrested for picking a Dandelion in Central Park in NYC.  By the next night his notariety for such a crime put him on the Late Night Show with Johnny Carson and this launched his wild career.  Lots to learn from on his site!

5. Local Wild teachers 

Serene Dae (Herbal Gratitude), Serene is a local wild treasure. She teaches camps in the Summer for kids opening up the world of nature, botany, plant ID and eating wild.  Children who have attended her week long day camps are forever changed.  Contact Serene to see what she has planned for the upcoming months.                                                    (828) 406-0598  happydae@ ‘Herbal Gratitude’ on FaceBook

Here is a short blog I wrote about Serene many moons ago:

Rashell Aunchman (Taproots School of Lively Learning)  Rashell is the queen of fermentation.  She taught a class on wild fermenting at my house last year and it was so wonderful.  Here is a link to that event:  Contact info:

Facebook Foraging & Herbal Sites:

All I can say is……!  FB has gone wild.  I began researching foraging sites for a handout for an upcoming class and was blown away by how many there are.  Good stuff.  Here is a short list: Wildman Steve Brill… Edible Wild Plants… Foragers Unite… Wild Food… Carol Hunt – Edible Wild… Herbal Gratitude…Foraging for Everyone… Transitional Gastronomy… Herbal Remedies Advice… Sunny Savage… Hunger and Thirst

You really could get lost in cyberspace!

Favorite Herbal sites:

1. Herbmentor is a community mentoring website.  It is a vast green family of plant freaks. has changed my life.  It was through this online course that I met Linda Runyon.  Herbmentor is a fantastic education for anyone interested in holistic health, nutrition and healing herbs.  Videos, interviews, training, an interactive forum where real time questions are posed and answered by caring kindred folk, study guides, plant walks…. this resource is inexhaustible.  Check it out!

2. Michael and Debi Pearl from No Greater Joy ministries, have influenced our lives for decades with their wise child raising advice. One of their children is now an herbalist, Shosanna Easling.  Her site Bulkherbstore is full of practical information. A great resource for any aspiring herbalist.

3. Mountain Rose Herbs is a fantastic site to buy organic dried herbs.  As a member of Herbmentor you get 10% off when purchasing from MRH.

4. Heather Nic en Fhleisdeir, the Village Herbalist from Herbmentor, is my teacher (howbeit, long distance learning). When in need of a master herbalist who knows the body’s functions well and how to match herb to condition and person…. Heather is who I call.  She has helped my family with a holistic healing plan for many occasions.  Helping son Brian (a BASE jumper) after he shattered his ankle jumping off of a 600 foot bridge in Idaho, helping my husband Jason when he was having mysterious stomach ailments that NO doctor could address satisfactorily, helping my mother with her dizzy spells or helping me with all my dinkly questions.  Her style of teaching is delightful and memorable.  If you need an herbal consult, call Heather.

5. Other favorite herbalists:

Rosalee de la Floret is the beloved moderator on Herbmentor’s forum.  When Rosalee weighs in to a forum post question we know we’ve hit pay dirt.  She really really knows her stuff and is such a caring creative person.  Here is her website and blog:

Kiva Rose

Jim Mcdonald

Favorite Health related sites

1.  Sean Croxton drops nutrition and health ‘truth bombs’ in a simple very memorable way.  Much to learn here!  Check out his youtube videos beginning with How to Stay Out of the Doctor’s Office.

I have listened to all of Sean’s Underground Wellness podcasts, some of them repeatedly to learn what real health and nutrition is.   Here is the program feed.

Lots of mine fields of false paradigms out there in the health and fitness world and Sean can help navigate through them back to reality.  Begin your education at Underground Wellness university TODAY and you’ll be not only healthier for it but informed.  LOVE THIS MAN!

He just wrote an eBook that is rocking the health world.  The Dark Side of Fat Loss, is the title.   It is a life changer. Get yours here:

2.  Mike Adams the Health Ranger keeps us informed about what is happening currently in the food and health world.

3. Dr. Mercola sends out daily emails if you subscribe to them, that have such hooks in them that we invariably click on them and read more.  Good stuff.

4. Nourishing Traditions, my favorite cookbook, by Sally Fallon is spotlighted on this website along with a plethora of nutrition related issues.

5. Dr. Reuben DeHaan from Health Care Ministry International, one of today’s most effective healers, targets toxins via kineseology and Total Body Analysis.  His website has much to learn from but an appointment with his office will also teach you much about what is really going on inside of you!

Of his many books, I recommend, Get Well Stay Well, and it’s five point plan for health: nutrition, digesting, eliminating, cleansing and detoxifying.  Dr. DeHaan has impacted my health more than any other practitioner.

Family sites

1. My husband Jason is an artist.  I love his work and I love him! We’ve been married 33 years.

2. Jonathan, is a master wood carver.  He made this pipe for me. The bowl is Briar and the stem is made out of Maple He named it Chamomile.

Check out his pipes: Treebeard, Gandalf, Taz…. each more outrageous than the last!  I’m proud of him!!!!  If you need a gift for the person who has everything, you may wish to order a Pipe by Design from Jonathan.

3. Jordan began his public speaking debut at an early age, making audio tapes for his little brother at age 3.  He began podcasting for technology websites at 14 and is currently working in the Big Apple doing PR and social media at Ketchum.  His website

4. Brian is a wingsuit flyer (a flying squirrel), BASE jumper and skydiver.  In this world of extreme sports ‘it’ didn’t happen if it wasn’t captured on video.  He flies with cameras attached to his helmet, his stomach, his back… and then after filming his jumps and the adventures of the crew he puts it all together in videos.  Recently his 10 minute documentary on XXXRW, which combines wingsuit, sky diving and stunt flying with a real airplane (called the blender of death) and it won first at a film festival for extreme flying sports!

5. Justin is a composer.  Jonathan played ragtime, Jordan honky tonk but Justin composes classical pieces.  He is a webdesigner living in Charleston, SC.  Here is a link to some of his music:


1. My King

2. Dog video

3. Mars Hill Church, Mark Driscoll

4. Jordan playing Great Balls of Fire:

5. Jordan’s speech on Homeschooling when he was 15:

6. My guys performing, The House is A Rockin by Stevie Ray Vaughn for the church talent show

7. Clever dog plays catch with himself!:

8. Dog accompanies his piano playing by howling:

9. My favorite Cinderella story: