Upcoming Events – 2017

How to Forage PowerPoint Presentation

When: October 14   2-3:30pm

Where: Blackburns’ Chapel  3998 Todd Railroad Grade Rd, Todd, North Carolina 28684

What: I have the privilege of speaking at the Todd Riverfest again. Last year, I spoke on reasons for learning the age old skill of foraging from Nature’s grocery stores.  This year my topic is on How to Forage.  I will be covering the TIONS of foraging:   Motivation   Education   Preparation   Location   Multiplication   Intention   &   Dedication

Cost: FREE to the public

Teaching Tuesdays – Wild Blessings has been surfing Nature’s Wave since April.  We meet on the Todd Mercantile porch to discuss foraging basics and explore different plants and their gifts of food and medicine.   Join us for an education that will teach you foraging rules, foraging gear, how to ID plants, where to forage, how and when to harvest plants, how to garble and prepare them for preservation or preparation and currently we are discussing the secrets of Befriending Plants.  Knowledge is so empowering and in this case wildly nutritious and tasty!  Teaching Tuesdays are FREE!  More details below or call Holly if you have further questions.  828 406 8241

Foraging Fridays –  Meet at the Todd Mercantile porch, bring water, sack lunch, hat, foraging attire.  Come prepared to go SHOPPING!!  We’ll go back to my home after gathering on sale items at some of my favorite local shopping centers and cook up a few preparations to add to our sack lunches!  Details below.  $30 per person.


WILD BLESSINGS – Teaching Tuesdays 

When: Every Tuesday from 11:00-12:00

Where: Todd Mercantile Store, Todd, NC 

What: A one hour plant talk following Nature’s Wave!  April through November.  From Roots, shoots, leaves, buds, flowers, pods, fruits, nuts, barks, sap, and back to roots again!  Come and learn what God has provided for our food, free for the knowing and the picking!  Currently (July and August) we are learning the secrets of “Befriending Plants”

Cost: FREE

WILD BLESSINGS – Foraging Fridays –

When: Every Friday with a few exceptions 9:00am -1pm

Where: Todd Mercantile Store, Todd, NC, various ‘shopping centers’ and back to Holly’s house in Todd

What: Ride natures wave with me as we foraging for what is ‘in stock’ in each season.  Details below

Cost: $30 per person (details below in the about events section)  RSVP required.

ABOUT EVENTS PLANNED FOR 2017Check back for specific dates

Living Well with Essential Oils at the Todd Mercantile – Saturday afternoons

Every Saturday afternoon at 3 pm, we are offering an informative class on the value of essential oils for a wellness lifestyle.  As Essential Oil addicts we want to share the plant’s medicine…their concentrated oils, with our world. Time: 3pm -4:30pm FREE class! Meet upstairs in the Mercantile’s art gallery. We will discuss a different topic each week such as Chemical Free Lifestyle, Summer time and Oils, Personal care and Oils, Emotions and Oils, Pets and Oils, Babies and Oils, Oils of the Bible and so much more!

Forage to Feast with Marc Williams

July 31– Wild foodies are in for a fabulous, tasty learning experience with one of the best, my mentor Marc Williams.

Starting at 5:00 pm, Marc will lead us on a plant walk around my land. Each of you will have a recipe to be responsible for and to forage for. After we have garbled our catch (my term for sorting our weeds), we will each cook an entree for our Mediterranean cuisine meal. Finally, we’ll feast on nature’s bounty and enjoy each other’s company as we sip Dandelion root coffee, Elderberry wine and enjoy a wild dessert. Plan on joining us and expanding your horizons. Rediscover the green gifts that God has so generously provided for our food and medicine. Reconnect to our roots. Reclaim knowledge that will feed your body and your spirit.

RSVP required. Cost $60  This is a valuable learning experience as well as a delicious nutritious meal.

Marc is a renowned ethnobotanist, wild plant authority, author and teacher extraordinaire, gourmet chef… What a great opportunity this is to learn from such a knowledgable guide and teacher. You will be wildly blessed.

Todd Riverfest Wild Food Talk on HOW to Forage

October ?  TBA –

Where: Blackburns’ Chapel in Todd

About Helen and the Todd Mercantile

Helen Barnes Reilly is the heartbeat of Todd. Her cozy shoppe filled with a fabulous variety of locally made crafts and art, simple toys and puzzles, and delectable bakery goods is a destination worthy of travel. Weekly contra dances, story telling, concerts in the park, banjo pickin with John, craftsman workshops fill “the Merc” with joy and life. This is this place where I have the privilege of teaching my Wild Blessings classes! I am so thankful!