Wild Blessings 2019 Schedule





Saturday Shopping Spree – Forage to Feast

Once a month we have a Saturday Shopping Spree that starts in the field and ends with a meal we cook together and enjoy. We gather at the Todd Mercantile in downtown Todd, NC and travel to a local shopping center I have selected where you learn how to identify the wild edible plants we will be using that day in our feast. This is a time where you will get your hands into the soil and collect the plants that can provide so much for us. Besides a learning time, it is an enjoyable venture where you encounter the benefits of getting out of the house and being out in nature, making new friends (both people and plants) and discovering new things that our Creator has designed for us to uncover.


June 8 is our next Shopping Spree Saturday. We will shop for Burdock Root, Lambsquarter, Chickweed, Dandelion, Purslane, , edible flowers and whatever other amazing freebies we discovered freshly stocked in God’s grocery stores. Our cuisine this time will be Mexican.  Recipes will be in the handout.  JOIN THE FUN!!

Italian Wild Food Dinner

Wild Teas: Beebalm, Peppermint, Lemonbalm
Wild Salad w/ Edible Flowers
Bruschetta on Acorn sourdough w/ Chickweed Pesto
Lambsquarter Polenta
Poke Stir fry w/ Burdock Root Pepperoni
Milkweed Bud Italian Casserole w/ Venison Meatballs
Chicken w/ Elderberry Capers & Sumac Sauce
Elderflower Cake (gluten free) w/ Edible Flowers
Dandelion Root Coffee



• April 6, 10-2 pm –  Asian

• May 18, 3-7 pm – Mexican

• June 8, 3-7 pm – Italian

• July 6, 3-7 pm  – Greek

• August 17, 3-7pm – American

• September 21, 3-7 pm – Indian

• October 12, 3-7 pm – Asian

When: Saturday’s once a month  (menus will be posted a week before each event)
Where: The porch of the famous Todd Mercantile, Todd, NC (18 minutes north of Boone, NC)
What to bring: Boots, gloves, hat, layered clothing (label your stuff so you go home with it)
Cost: $45 per person
RSVP: Required.  Call 828 406 8241 to reserve your spot.

Teaching Tuesdays

This class is for those who love to learn about nature in a relaxed, outdoor setting surrounded by friends old and new. Each week we meet on the porch of the cozy Todd Mercantile to befriend one another and to befriend plants. The things we have learned about each other have been inspiring and sometimes surprising. With the same sense of inquiry you would employ in getting to know a new friend, I introduce each featured plant and help you discover the mysteries of what God has made.  My teaching rhythm includes exploring it’s nicknames, lore & history, observing it’s characteristics using all of the senses, and expounding on it’s many gifts: Edible, Medicinal, Useful, Beautiful and Spiritual and even Questionable 😉.  I often bring a tea made from the plant we are befriending and a snack to share. Our group also loves to share in the enjoyment of poetry, especially about nature. Join us and you will learn how to compose your own poem based on the plant we study that day. This class is free but donations are appreciated.  “Receive what you need, give what you can.” (Frank Cook)

Teaching Tuesday’s Befriending Plants begins May 7th, 2019.

When: every Tuesday  11-12pm
Where: The porch of the famous Todd Mercantile, Todd, NC.
What to bring: pen and 3-ring notebook to file handouts
Cost: FREE, donations appreciated

Special Dates:

June 11 Holly teaching on botany and identifying plants

June 18 Jennifer Hanifan teaching on healing Lyme, I will be out of town.  Thankful that Jen is willing to take this class and share her knowledge with us.  Such an important topic

June 25 Tonya Lee teaching on drawing plants.  Tonya’s website is https://www.scratchmadejournal.com/

Tonya usually charges for her classes so please bring a donation to cover her costs.  You won’t want to miss this!!




Foraging Fridays

…we follow the energy from roots to fruits: learning together, shopping in a variety of wild grocery stores, sitting still and quiet in various settings just to listen to nature’s hum, garbling our catch, making a glorious mess as we cook wild recipes in my kitchen, crafting with nature’s scraps, and sharing our wild repass around the table together. Relationships with the plants are deepened and relationships with one another are forged.

Bring a wild or not so wild food dish to share so we have plenty of food for lunch.  We will prepare only a few wild edible dishes together on Foraging Fridays.

This class used to be weekly and now it will be bimonthly, the second and fourth Friday of each month.   Check here for exceptions*.


• May 10, May 24

• June 7 *, June 28

• July 12, July 26

• August 9, August 23

• September 13, September 27

• October 11, October 25

When: Friday’s bimonthly 9-1pm
Where: The porch of the famous Todd Mercantile
What to bring: Boots, gloves (labeled), hat, layered clothing, food to share for lunch
Cost: $25
RSVP is required  Call 828 406 8241 to reserve your spot


Special Dates –

• April 27  – Boone in Blossom festival I will be giving a workshop similar to Teaching Tuesday Befriending Plants.

• May 4th – Restorative Power of Nature,  Holly will be speaking at the WCII conference at the Watauga High School

• July 31 – Marc Williams annual Plant Walk and Fabulous Wild Food Feast –  This is NOT to be missed and there are limited seats available!  

If you wish to book a Wild Blessings experience for your group, from a plant walk or talk to a Forage to Feast contact me to schedule.  Prices vary.

Wild Blessings Final Fling

November 5, 11-2pm at Holly’s House – Bring a wild food dish to share for our potluck, a plant offering from your heart, and bone up for our final exam.  Prizes for winners.  This is an event only for regular Wild Blessings students.  Cost is $10 per person.

Here is a description of last year’s Final Fling, you can read about the whole event here.

“Everything culminates at the Final Fling held early in November. Our big event begins with an Organoleptic exam (sight, touch, smell, taste, hear), a wild potluck, and then a time of sharing green offerings from the heart. The gifts from the heart included dance, theatrics, songs, crafts, prayers, poems, prose, preaching and pictures of our year together.

I was and still am in awe….remarkable talent and such passion in every single offering. I am humbled for the privilege of leading such a diverse and passionate group of nature lovers in the appreciation of Wild Blessings.

My offering to my wild students for Plantasia was to compile many of the photos of our year surfing nature’s wave together. So many adventures, so many plants, so much FOOD, great times together with those I love. It was hard to cut it short enough to make it more viewer friendly but I kept thinking…’Oh gotta have that one and remember the SNAKE!?’ A rich year of learning and loving together. Thankful.  The slideshow I compiled of our 2018 Wild Blessings adventures is here. “

You can read about and enjoy pictures of our Wild Blessings 2018 Final Fling on my blog.

Our Organoleptics test was wildly crazy!

Laura Weant’s plant offering was in song.

I really look forward to this season!  all around and  and you can reclaim your wild heritage for you and your family.  Join me!

“Oh Lord, how many and varied are Your works.  In wisdom You have made them all.  The whole earth is full of Your riches.”  Psalms 104:24