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Milkweed Casserole

Milkweed Buds Feta Cheese Casserole Pick these in June when the flowers are still tightly inside the buds.  They taste like Broccoli! 1. Trim all

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For Holly’s writings on Milkweed check out the post “Throw Me in That Milkweed Patch”. Below is a compilation of info on Milkweed that

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NYC Style Chopped Wild Salad

Wild Greens Dandelion Yellowdock Daisy leaves Strawberry leaves Blackberry leaves Chickweed Cleavers Creasy Greens Red Clover Violet leaves Marshmallow leaves Nettle Ramps Toppings Milkweed Shoots

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Why Eat Wild Foods

Why Eat Wild Foods? Nature was the original supermarket.  Ever wonder what the pioneers ate while transversing the Oregon Trail?  There were indeed supermarkets waiting

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Shopping for Free

  This Foragers Heart  (wild meditations) Psalms 145:5  “Of the glorious splendor of Your majesty and of Your wondrous works I will meditate.” I sit

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