Wild Food Lunch w/ Friends

The leaves are still tucked tightly in their casings on most trees here in the High Country but a few have uncoiled themselves and are sporting that Spring green that is so iridescent and alive with joy. Yet closer to the earth’s skin the wild weeds are joyously erupting saying …”pick me!” [Read more…]

Sean Croxton Goes Wild

Sean Croxton

Today I met Sean Croxton, the most exciting real health and nutrition blogger and podcast host on the web.  As a Functional and Diagnostic Nutritionist, he posts fascinating and extremely helpful research and reviews on his blog site, Underground Wellness.  But I would also characterize him as a renegade and a rebel with a serious cause.  Sean has been a fixture and a great influence in our home for over 3 years as Jason and I have listened to his podcasts, watched his videos, read his blogs, and purchased his ‘must have’ ebook, The Dark Side of Fat Loss. [Read more…]