My Wild Refrigerator & Tips on Drying

It occurred to me today as I was cleaning out my refrigerators (I have two of them), that they are filled with rather odd contents.  Just for fun I decided to record a list of what wild goodies I have in stock. [Read more…]

Witches Shoelaces, Devils Guts…. A Scarey Plant

Japanese Dodder Vine on the Move

The below monologue is not about an edible plant, though it does resemble spaghetti, it isn’t even about a plant that I like.  I have a deep aversion to this plant and since I have been forced to spend SOOOOO much time with it… I decided to blog about it.    It is called Japanese Dodder Vine (Cuscuta spp)  a particularly striking member of the Convolvulaceae family.  It’s common names are: the vampire plant, lovevine, strangleweed, hellbind, goldthread, witches shoelaces and devil’s guts. [Read more…]