Italian Wild Foods Feast Fun

Foraging With my Faithful Collies

Tuesday afternoon I went shopping for some last minute wild ingredients for my wild food feast.  As I circumnavigated the pasture followed by my collies, Chippy and Skipper, I filled my baskets with many wild blessings!  Red Clover blossoms captured at the peak of their energy before the bees found em…. YUM!  Burdock stems upholding their fabulous elephant ear ruffled leaves are the latest surprise delicacy to my foragers plate, Milkweed pods in their cheese stage, Goldenrod for a blood cleansing tea, Queen Anne’s Lace flowers for fried chips and salad decor, Maple tree whirly gigs, Evening Primrose flowers and fruits…. and WILD GRAPES in crazy perfusion hanging just out of reach but not quite ripe. [Read more…]

More Cattail Capers

Shopping at the Cattail Swamp in late August

Saturday I took my lovin husband, Jason, to the Cattail swamp.  It was his first visit.  Being an artist, he relished the scenery: the bubbling stream, towering forest as a back drop, and the endless swamp of Cattail heads swaying in the brisk breeze. [Read more…]