Cost for classes is always a recommended $40 unless otherwise stated.

March 31rst Spring Fling Wild Food Feast

Check out the menu and the agenda for this wild time at this link:



April No Till Gardening Workshop and Wild Food Plant Talk and Walk at  Cherokee Cove

Wild plant walk at Cherokee Cove.  Cost is free.  Details coming soon.


Library Wild Food Events

Dates to be determined soon.



May 20th Survival Preparedness Class

I’ll be teaching this class at New Life Fellowship in Deep Gap.  There will be a power point presentation, plant walk, wild food snacks, and we’ll make wild ID bags with the edible leaves we find on our walk.




One Plant at a Time

Following nature’s wave I will be teaching on one plant at a time.  Taking it through it’s paces!  Foraging together for it, Identifying it, Harvesting it in the peak of it’s energy, Cooking with it in every form, Exploring it’s healing gifts, Drawing and poetry involved as well!

These classes will meet every other Tuesday.  Creative handouts provided to help you build a Wild plant notebook which showcases each plant.  Homework assigned for further study.

Bring a lunch but we’ll be making a few snacks with our plant of the day.  Class begins at 9:30 and ends at 1:30.

Plant line up:  Dandelion, Red Clover, Milkweed, Cattail, Elderberry, Evening Primrose, Rose

Cost $30  (recommended to bring: Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs), Scotch Whiskey (the cheapest kind), Honey, Olive Oil (extra virgin)  also bring your own jars to take home your creations.)

The Secrets of Seeds

Deseed 15 different edible plants, recognize their seed skeletons, study the pods and seeds, use a jeweler’s loupe to analyze, write a seed poem, eat Acorn muffins and other seedy treats.  Make a gorgeous seed bouquet to take home. Plant a wild edible seed to take home along with 5 edible wild plants seed packets to spread the life.





Building Your Immune System the Wild Way
Reclaim nourishing traditions that build health from the inside out. Using wild edible plants I wild demonstrate how to make nourishing infusions, ferment foods, sprout seeds, infuse vinegars, make spiced butters and wild honeys, bone and root broth stock for healthy soups, and we’ll make Elderberry syrup for you to take home.


Root Wisdom
Dig up 10 edible roots, learn to identify them, cook with them and make medicine from them.  We’ll make Burdock Chai, bottle root beer from Sassafras, roast Dandelion and Chicory roots for an herbal coffee, make root cough syrup and eat a casserole of Fall roots with a dill bernaise sauce

Get Well Naturally
Lifestyle, Nutrition, Herbs, Household remedies, Energy work
We’ll make Honeygar, Homemade Electrolytes, Echinacea tincture, Cough syrups and drops, Herbal steams, and we’ll make a jar of Whoop Ass to take home!


Wild First Aid Kit $75
Learn what wild plants are in your yard that help in emergencies.  Together we’ll make salves, extracts, poultices, healing sprays…to address common health challenges. Pumpkin Nettle Soup and Crabgrass muffins provided for dinner.   (materials included)



Forest Fairy Tea Party

This class is not merely crafty but educational as we’ll be working with nature’s left overs as the craft materials for creating forest fairies (check them out here  We’ll also collect edible Spring flowers to make ice cubes, popsicles, scones, wild jellies and teas with.  We’ll create wild creations for the settings for our forest friends out of rocks, bark, moss and twigs.   Prizes will be awarded for various categories of design.  Pictures will be taken under the Mayapple forest floor for added magic!  A story writing contest will be launched as well!

Fermentation 101

Rashell Fall will teach you how to boost your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, heal damage from past rounds of antibiotics, make nutrients more readily available in your food, make fun and healthy drinks, preserve food and the nutrients and enzymes.

Fermentation 102
In Wild Fermentation 102 Rashell will be exploring dairy fermentation with yogurts, kefir and a variety of healthful cheeses.

Eat the Trees (Linda Runyon)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            This class is free, though purchasing Linda’s book, Eat the Trees, is a prerequisite.  Everyone is responsible to learn on their own via her book and we’ll meet monthly to DO together what Linda so beautifully writes about in her book…eat trees.  Contact me if you want to join this group of wild foodies!  Bring your own snacks or lunch.

Wild Edible Wreathes

Pamela Torez is hands down the most creative person I’ve ever known, Pamela majors in beauty and grace.  Whether she is making her hand made one-of-a-kind jewelry creations or crafting a garden of vegetables, or restructuring old clothes into garments of amazement… it is all beautiful.  Her latest passion has been wreath creations.  I’ve asked her to combine her crafting skills with wild edible foods by teaching us to make beautiful wreathes that we can eat.  This is something that my mentor Linda Runyon did for survival not merely wall decorations.  Cost of class will include wild food snacks, wild teas, and the materials to make your own edible wreath to take home ready to hang.