Wild Times Remembered

I am a wild foods chef and have offered many wild food feasts where the guests come to learn, forage for wild edibles, and cook a meal together. The cuisine is sometimes Asian, Greek, Italian, Mexican and Indian or just seasonal. All non-wild ingredients are organic, farm fresh and increasingly gluten free.  Meats are grass finished, happy animals from local farms or local game.

I am working on a Wild Blessings Forage to Feast Cookbook with all of my wild recipes along with tips for shopping in the wild and getting the best ripe deals… but for now some of them are posted under the Cooking section of the Wild Blessings website. Many of the recipes are adapted from Linda Runyon’s Essential Wild Foods Survival Guide recipe section and from Wildman Steve Brill’s excellent wild edible cookbook and many are just wildly inspired!

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite wild menus along with a few pics!

Spring Wild Foods Feast

(fresh Spring greens & flowers combined with Winter’s preserved harvest)

Dandelion Lemonade

Strawberries w/ Brie &  Wild Seed Crackers

Dandelion Blossom Fritters

Pickled Burdock Root

Winter Root Soup Burdock, Dandelion, Jerusalem Artichokes, Yucca, Ginger Roots, Carrots & Potatoes

Apple Acorn Muffins

Wild Spring Salad w/ Wild Dressing

Violet Pine Needle Jello

Sauteed Dandelion Greens w/ Sesame Seeds

Grilled Elderberry Caper Chicken Marinated in Dandelion Blossom Syrup

Chickweed Penne w/ Wild Leeks & Mushrooms

Violet Scones

Dandelion Root Coffee


Picking Spring Dandelion Blossoms at the ASU Farm

Dandelion Lemonade


Dandelion & Violet Flower Wild Salad


Early Milkweed shoots shooting up like arrows

Milkweed Early Spring Shoots Buttered and Salted


Mexican Wild Foods Feast

(Early Summer offerings)
Peppermint Tea, Peach Tea

Lambsquarter Spread & Chips

Wild Salsa & Purslane Guacamole

Wild Salad & Wild Dressing

Quelites & Beans

Dandelion Spanish Rice w/ Pickled Burdock Root

Verdolago Con Huevos w/ Milkweed Shoots

Milkweed Bud Casserole

Green Tacos & Ground Deer Meat Tacos for you carnivores!

Fresh Tortillas made w/ Amaranth Flour

Elderflower Funnel Cakes w/ Elderberry Syrup

Dandelion Root Coffee or Peppermint Tea

Cheesy Milkweed Bud Casserole

Wild Beverages, so good!

Black Bean chocolate cake beautifully decorated by Mallie Billings with Summer edible flowers!

Greek Wild Foods Summer Menu

Wild Grapes

Sumac Lemonade, Wild Grape Tea

Wild Greek Salad

Nettle Spanakopita

Dandelion Rice Pilaf

Wild Kima Sauce w/ Purslane

Roasted Cattail Cobs

Milkweed Bud Peas w/ Feta Cheese

Gyro Meat w/ Wild Tzatziki Sauce

Amaranth Flat Bread

Dandelion Baklava

Chicory Root Coffee

Off to Shoppe in the Cattail Store

Wild Grapes leaves still on the vine

Three greek dishes

Asian Wild Foods Feast

(mid Summer offerings)

Fruit Bowl w/ Peppermint Sprigs

Elderberry Spritzer, Peach Tea, Linden Tea

Wild Salad w/ Noodles, Edible Flowers & Oriental Dressing

Hot & Sour Soup w/ Milkweed Bud Peas & Burdock Root

Dandelion Sesame

Jasmine Fried Rice w/ Red Clover flowers

Stir Fried Milkweed Pods, Purslane & not so Wild Veggies w/ Sassafras Peanut Sauce

Egg Foo Young w/ W00d S0rrel

Spring Rolls w/ Lambsquarter, Chickweed & Milkweed Shoots

Sweet & Sour Sumac Sauce

Berry Balm Crunch w/ Hemp Vanilla Icecream

Hot Linden Tea (Basswood Flowers), Dandelion Root Coffee

Wild Mixture: Burdock root, Milkweed shoots, Cattail shoots, Thistle shoots

A satisfied WILD cook

 Herbwalk around the garden

Italian Wild Food Feast

(Late Summer Offerings)

Iced Chicory Root Coffee w/ Raw Cream

Wild Blackberry Tea, Peach Tea, Elderberry Tea

Pickled Cattail Shoots w/ Brie & Yellow Dock Seed Crackers

Bruschetta Rounds w/ Wild Pesto & Tomato

Wild Greens Salad, Edible Flowers & Wild Dressing

Caponate w/ Sorrel, Burdock Stems & Elderberry Capers

Cattail Chicken Cacciatorre

Dandelion Italiano w/ Evening Primrose Flowers

Italian Milkweed Pod Casserole

Wild Spaghetti Sauce w/ Venison Meatballs or Mushroom Balls

Peach & Blackberry Cobbler w/ Hemp Vanilla Ice Cream

Hot Peppermint Tea or Dandelion Root Coffee

Good company and wild food

Garbled: Sumac, Milkweed Pods, Oxalis, Blackberries…

Wild Spaghetti Sauce Ready to Reheat

Harvest Feast

Sassafras Tea, Autumn Olive Berry Cordial

Beet Wild Salad w/ Goat Cheese

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup w/ Lovage

Amaranth, Plantain, Yellowdock 7 Seed Bread w/ Rose Petal Honey

Sumac & Rosemary Baked Chicken w/ Purslane Peach Chutney

Milkweed Pods Stuffed w/ Lambsquarter Seeds, Puffballs & Baked in Cheese Sauce

Dandelion & Plantain Rice Pilaf

Pumpkin and Wild Mushroom Stuffing

Sweet and Sour Burdock Root & Roasted Artichokes

Apple Pie w/ Kudzu Apple Glaze

Pine Needle Tea or Chickory Root Coffee

A Fall harvest of wild nuts, seeds and Maypops

Puffball Mushroom: Remove the outer brown portion , chop and cook

Collecting Milkweed Seeds to Spread the Life

Winter Warmth

Wild Teas: Sassafras, Beebalm, Peppermint

Sprouted Wild Salad & Power Tonic Dressing

Pine Needle Jello

Elderberry Plum Sauce on Brie w/ Wild Nuts

Milkweed Kimchi

Acorn Muffins w/ Herbed Butters

High Bush Cranberry Jelly

Cream of Nettle Soup w/ Burdock Root

Sumac Rosemary Garlic Grilled Chicken Legs

Elderberry Puffs

Wild Root Chai: Burdock, Echinacea, Dandelion, Ginger w/ Spices

 Stinging Nettle Soup….so intensely delicious

Eating Pine

Learning to shop in God’s free grocery store is a skill that is cultivated as nature’s wave rolls by. Just as we learn when a banana is most edible (green: too early, black: too late, yellow: just right) knowing when to eat God’s free gifts is a matter of experience and trial and error. Join me in this venture and we’ll learn together…one plant at a bite!  Learn more here: https://wildblessings.com/2011/10/23/hollys-wild-shopping-guide/

Wild blessings are abounding!



  1. Holly, your menus are amazing, inspirational and educational. I am sure that you have a wild cookbook in the making and I will be first in line to get it! I have tried several of your recipes and they are a huge hit with both my boys (6 & 12). I have to modify some of the ingredients because I am still learning how to properly identify my plants as well as find places where they grow. But I am taking notes and putting plants in my calendar so I know what to go looking for and where! I love free food that is super nutritious….. Delicious!

  2. Holly, I have been sharing your website with my 91-year-old mother. What a joy it is to show others what you’re doing. Keep up the good work.

  3. I love wild foods, and I have tried for a few years to harvest sumac for sumac-ade, but so far I have been unable to catch the sumac after ripening, but before it is full of eggs, bug excrement, and larvae. Do you have a trick? Let me know, thanks.

    • Hi Travis, There are indeed tricks to harvesting Sumac. The best time of year is in late August or September when their red spires are brilliant and fresh. Always wait to collect them after the weather has been dry for a few days in a row. The hard red fruits of the Sumac is covered with tiny, acid red hairs. This is malic acid, the same acid found in unripe apples, and is soluble in water. Try to gather sumac before hard rains wash out most of the acid.

      The trick for getting rid of the bugs is to put your Sumac clusters on a white sheet in bright sunshine. The bugs will scamper away quickly! Bring them in to dry.
      Hope this is helpful!
      Also I collect A LOT of Sumac when they are at their peak because I use it all Winter for beverages, jello, jams, as a lemon juice substitute and in marinades. Good stuff!

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