I’m Holly Drake. I live in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina with my husband Jason and my dog Max where I explore the beauty of God’s creation to learn as much as I can about wild foods that are available to us for free.



I have always loved nature.  Even as a little girl my pockets, socks and hats were always stuffed with crumbled flowers, acorns, magic pebbles…even minnows (poor things!). Not much has changed in that regard. Now not only my pockets and baskets spill over with green blessings but every hook and cranny in our home has some wild gift hanging to dry.  My husband is a patient man.

Jason and I have four sons (one in heaven), one daughter in law, and two beautiful granddaughters, Norah Rose and Olivia Claire Drake.

The most important thing about me is that I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  God’s Creation is, in my mind, His way of revealing His character to us.  Such power yet delicate artistry, such diversity in colors, shapes, textures and smells….  Nature is my playground of worship.  Everything about my Creator has been revealed to me through His world and His word.

“From the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun, the name of the Lord is to be praised.” And so I praise Him and revel in His love and His provision of all things wild to bless and care for us.

What is Wild Blessings?

Wild Blessings is a learning resource that is committed to helping people like you overcome the powerful impact of what I refer to as, “Nature Deficit Disorder” (NDD)….the “condition” caused by our lifestyles that keeps us from enjoying and benefiting from time in the outdoors. Being in-and-around nature is a remedy in and of itself but I want to be your guide to learning more about creation and the One who made it!

How can you get involved?

Wild Blessings presents 3 ways to help you overcome NDD. I teach classes, hold events, and provide written resources that are (usually) posted on my website. You need to regularly check the emails I send out and my website to stay up to date on ways you can learn.

You can support Wild Blessings

Help me continue to present many resources and classes for free.

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Contact me: HollyDrake56@gmail.com