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My blog posts often follow Nature’s Wave throughout the year…..that continuous change we observe as the weather moves from season to season.


Asian Forage to Feast – Saturday

This month's Wild Blessing's Forage to Feast will be Asian cuisine. I hope you can join me for a beautiful experience shopping in the mountains of North Carolina for God's free groceries. You will learn a lot by doing and enjoy a wild food feast that we all cook together. Where: Green Valley Park at the Pavillion in Todd on the New River When: July 24 Saturday 8:30am - 2pm What: Forage to … Read More

Wild Fiesta Forage to Feast

Join me virtually for one of my famous Forage to Feasts wild adventures.  I have hosted these memorable events since 2007.  Each menu has an international flair and this one is hot and spicy.   Enjoy! … Read More

The Wildly Preserved

Part of the rhythm of seasonal living in my life, is enjoying The Wildly Preserved in the Winter months while waiting for fresh Spring Wild greens and Nature's Wave to start rolling again. In stark contrast to the availability of ANY produce at ANY time of year at the commercial grocery stores, Nature's Supermarket is highly seasonal and each phase of green gifts is short … Read More

Befriending Plants – The Presence of Pine

Have you truly felt a Pine forest's presence?  It is other worldly.  Not just because of it's pungent uplifting Evergreen aroma...there is something ephemeral yet lasting to be experienced in the embrace of these trees. Years ago, Skipper and I were trudging along the ridge above Peaceful Acres in a bitterly cold January storm, the cruel wind ripped at any exposed flesh and forced us to keep … Read More

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