Wild Blessings Advent

Wild Blessings Advent is your creative path to celebrate the coming of Jesus incorporating the wonders of the natural world around you. 


Advent means: arrival, appearance, invasion.  

The first Advent of God invading earth came in the form of the promised Christ child.  The Christmas Story is not really a ‘story’ but it is history, or His Story. 

Each day we will follow the rhythm of Advent and the Christmas Season by incorporating these steps to take in the beauty of nature and the resources God has given us to learn more about Jesus, God come to earth.

1. Scriptures 

Old Testament and New Testament

We will look at how the Bible in the Old Testament foretells the coming of God to earth, the Messiah, and then look at how these prophecies were fulfilled in the New Testament, in the person of Jesus Christ.   Christianity is not a New Testament religion, it is the fulfillment of the Old Testament in the person of Jesus, ‘The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” 

The Scriptural flow then continues past the advent of the Christ Child to His life, death and resurrection concluding with the promises of His imminent Second Coming as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to which every knee will bow.  One fourth of the Bible is prophetic, foretelling future events with 100% accuracy, these are literal predictions and not allegorical.  Interestingly for every one prophecy regarding the first ‘advent’ of the Messiah there are eight related to His second coming.

And finally on Day 25 we will revisit the question Jesus asked His disciples.  “Who do you say that I am?



2. Christmas Movies, Message & Music for the season

Each day there is a suggested movie or message to watch, music selections to listen to or a poem to read that will bring to life that days selected Scriptures to enjoy the season in sight and sound.  

3. Activities

This section provides an abundance of wild ideas for celebrating and decorating for the holidays: foraging for nature craft supplies, setting up your own Wild Blessings shop, decorating your tree and home with nature’s beauty, making ornaments, garlands, wreaths, tree plaques, Fruit of the Spirit rocks, gifts, wrapping… along with ideas for gifts to give from nature’s bounty for personal care, health or just for the joy of it.  

4. Recipes

Now is the time to employ our tastes and enjoy the smells of this holiday time. Photos and recipes for wild beverages, deserts, snacks, and even a Wild Christmas Feast menu using wild ingredients you can gather even in the Winter or pull from your freezer (if you have been stashing them away throughout the year).   Included are photos of the plants and trees that provided the wild edible gifts for each recipe.

5. Handouts

Look to this part of each day’s page for things you can download and print out so that your can create your own Advent experience and remember it for years to come.  This will include the Scriptures of the day and any related content for that day (poems, recipes, activities…)


Advent Pages

Click on a Day marker below to view the page for the day you are celebrating.

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