Wild Blessings Advent


Wild Blessings Advent is your creative path to celebrate the coming of Jesus incorporating the wonders of the natural world around you. 

Each day we will follow the rhythm of Advent and the Christmas Season by incorporating these steps to take in the beauty of nature and the resources God has given us to learn more about Jesus, God come to earth.

1. Scriptures – The First Prophecy of the Messiah

Old Testament (OT)  Genesis 3:13,15

Then the Lord God said to the serpent…“Because you have done this…I will make enemies of you and the woman, and of your offspring and her Descendant; He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise Him on the heel.”

New Testament (NT) Hebrews 2:14 (TLB)

Since we, God’s children, are human beings—made of flesh and blood—God became flesh and blood too by being born in human form; for only as a human being could He die and in dying break the power of the devil who had the power of death.

2. Christmas Movies & Music for the season

Watch The Chosen, Season 2, Episode 1 



“Tension builds among the disciples as they wrestle with the increasing fame of Jesus in Samaria. Jesus rebukes Big James and John for their prejudice and, after a near-violent encounter, gives them a new nickname.”

3. Activities


4. Recipes

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Shagbark Hickory Tree – Carya ovata, so distinctive of all the Hickories because of it’s loose plated bark. We’ll make a maple style sap of this bark for Day 2’s wild tea. 

Hickory Nuts drop to the ground during the Fall. Their thick outer husk is useful for crafts but the tasty nut is within the white shell.


5. Handouts

Week One of Advent Scriptures

1. Print this page on white copy paper
2. Use the guidelines to cut out the verses
3. Roll each piece of paper into a scroll and tie with twine 
4. Insert into the pockets of your Advent calendar for the month of December
5. Each day read the verse or portion of Scripture for the day together as a family 

Verse of the Day

1. Print out today’s verse
2. Keep all the verses in a Wild Blessings advent notebook that will keep all the handouts to come

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