Allergies and Hayfever

If I could sum up my growing up years it would be in one word: ALLERGIES.  Other kids had after school activities like: cheerleading or soccer… I had allergy shots.  I used to gauge my day by how many boxes of Kleenex I went through.  Since changing my diet and working with many of the ideas presented below (particularly herbal) allergy season is now doable.  Osha root in particular has given my back the heavy pollen season.

Allergies are a daunting topic.  Often real healing involves a complete life change and even then it is hard to get a handle on them…I believe they stem from liver, kidney and colon issues.  Especially the liver as it is supposed to be the front line on handling invaders…..and keeping the histamines at bay.

Any other ideas for what has worked for you?  Please present them in the comment section.  Be specific.  Let’s learn from each other in our quest for health and well being.

These ideas are not something I have made up myself but that I have gleaned from other herbalists or healers.  Their initials are placed after their recommendations.  They are most likely people I have linked to in my Resource section.

Essential Oils

My latest Young Living success story is regarding my allergies.  Since cleaning up my diet and implementing herbs and wild foods into my life style I am considerably less allergic but early Spring when the pollen is flowing freely is still a huge challenge for me…and then there is Ragweed pollen in the late Summer and Fall.  I have been using Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils since October and was curious to see how I fared come the much awaited for Spring time when I am out and about in nature foraging for wild edibles and…sneezing.  I initially became a wholesale member with Young Living because Samantha Wright, one of my kindred spirit earth loving friends, had posted that she was using them for her allergies (which were even worse than mine) and was experiencing serious success and consistent relief.  Seeing may be believing but experiencing is even more convincing!  Here is what I have been using daily as a preventative and have avoided (in so doing) even ONE allergic attack this pollen season.

1. Lavender under my tongue (one drop) taste is not thrilling but I drink water immediately afterwards.  If I am experiencing symptoms I’ll also add a drop of Young Living Lavender on the bottom of my feet.  Please do not take essential oils internally unless they are Young Living or therapeutic grade essential oils. I am confident with Young Living being the purest EO’s out there.

2. Lemon oil, one drop over my liver. This helps to detox the liver which is key

3. Peppermint oil on my stomach (one drop in a little dab of coconut oil helps to spread it in a larger area)

This has been extremely effective and is so simple to administer.  It takes about 4 minutes to feel the results and I’ve found it lasts for about 5 hours before having to apply again.  I’ve also been able to help some of my wild kid helpers with their allergic symptoms and they have been amazed.  Here is what Austin said to me after trying this protocol, “Miss Holly, I was not really expecting it to work but I was completely dried up and breathing easy in just a few minutes!”, and here is what my husband has to say about the above oily protocol and his sniffly wife…and he ought to know!

“After 36 years of marriage, I can say that I have not seen anything work on her allergies as well as this oil solution. And I have lived through a lot of sneezing. Within minutes after taking these, she gets immediate relief and it lasts for at least 5 hours.”

Needless to say I will never be without LLP (Young Living Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils).  I keep this set of three in my foraging backpack, next to my bed, in my purse and in my car.

I am deeply grateful!  Here is a link to Sam’s allergy success story using these same oils.  She goes into detail about how to use these particular oils and why Young Living essential oils are so effective.  Good stuff!

If you wish to buy these oils at wholesale prices, I would be honored to help you on your oily journey to wellness.

Here is an update on Young Living allergy bomb:  Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils

I discovered that when Ragweed season hit, the above protocol did not phase my allergies.  What does work is taking these oils internally.  Essential oils must be pure and therapeutic grade to be taken internally safely and effectively.  Thankfully Young Living grows their own plants and guarantees the purity of the process from seed to seal.  You can read about their integrity and the heart of this company here.

When pollen season is at it’s worse this is what I do and it totally works:
1. fill a vegetable capsule with 2 drops of each Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint
2. fill the rest of the way with olive oil (so as to coat the stomach with all the oils about to hit it)
3. drink a glass of water to chase it down

4. a time saving hint is to make up 3 or 4 LLP pills at the same time and freeze them for quick use

And that has made all the difference.  When I have a dust allergy or something less severe I return to the first protocol and it works great.

You can also diffuse LLP or put on the bottoms of your feet.


1. Avoid mucus forming foods, they exacerbate the condition and weaken an immune system.  Avoid dairy and sugar,  icecream and cold sodas are particular offenders with allergies.

2. Allergies may also be food related.  Eat real food, avoid processed foods with food colorings and preservatives and chemicals.  Avoid genetically modified foods as the consequences for consuming them are uncertain and don’t bode well.  Most wheat is now GMO.  Wheat and many grains are huge offenders. Learn to notice what seems to cause allergies to get worse.

3. Local honey is thought to be helpful with allergies that are pollen related.  Local honey is made from local pollen and immunizes from local pollen.


1. Clean the environment of dust and mold that may be promoting allergic reactions.  Use a dust mask or better yet have someone clean house for you! Dust mites love dirty sheets, barbed legs that hang onto cilia in lungs and make us cough and sneeze.  They live in dust and debris. (HNF)

2. Use NON toxic cleaners, best to make your own with white vinegar and essential oils, baking soda and borax.

3. You can prepare for allergy season (pollens) with Pre season allergy work.  Preseason work sets the stage so the lymph is clean and clear and ready to do a new job.  Like emptying the vacuum cleaner bag.  Take Honeygar with Nettle daily  Take 1 Tablespoon a day in warm water .  Keep in frig

4. Work at keeping the colon clean so as to remove toxins from your body. Eating more fiber, drinking more water, taking cleansing herbs, exercising  and not over eating are key.


1. Osha root, take 3-5 drops under the tongue as needed. Osha is a histamine receptor blocker and has been the most helpful in my battle with seasonal allergies (HNF)

2. One single drop of Cypress essential oil in 4 ounces of warm water.  Normally it is not advisable to take essential oils internally but one drop will not hurt and the effects of this are almost instantaneous with extreme allergic attacks. (HNF)

3. White Thyme essential oil mixed very well into 1 tablespoon of honey (local honey preferred) is another essential oil allergy relief trick to remember.  Just eat it!  It will drain the sinuses within seconds. (HNF)

4. Allergy blend tea: Nettle (antihistamine with lots of nutrients), Rose hips (vitamin C), Elder (reduces the phlegm), Fennel (anti inflammatory and anti tussive), Spearmint (soothing and sedating), Orange Peel (tasty), Chamomile (relaxing) (HNF)

Mountain Rose allergy tea

5. Honeygur with Nettle.   Infuse Nettle into apple cider vinegar.  This brings out many of the vitamins and minerals in the Nettle that are so helpful to combat allergic responses. (HNF)

6. Passionflower helps to strengthen adrenals that are over worked from allergic reactions

7. Goldenrod, tea is a fabulous anecdote to Ragweed pollen messiness.  Many think that Goldenrod (Solidago candadensis) is the culprit but it is actually it’s annoying neighbor, Ragweed (Ambrosia ) that is to blame.  One look at Ragweed’s pollen under a microscope will explain why it is such an offender to our sinus cavities. A single Ragweed plant may produce about a billion grains of pollen per season!!! Thankfully our Creator put the solution next to the problem.   Thank God for Goldenrod!

7.  Head sauna…where you put your head over a pan of a hot herb infusion or decoction and put a towel over your head to keep the steam in and breathe for 5 minutes.  You can use any of the herbs in the allergy tea blend.

Vitamins and Minerals

1. For the adrenals to stop putting out stress hormones which are signaling alarm and react to the mold, take B complex each morning (LB)

Household Remedies

1. “I have had great success with folks pouring hydrogen peroxide in a vaporizer or humidifier and keeping it by their bed at night.  Not too close – do not get it in the eyes.”  (LB)

2. The apple cider vinegar tonic (1 tbsp ACV + 1/4 tsp vit. C powder + large pinch baking soda + small pinch borax + honey + water) should help.  (LB)
Vinegar is a lymphatic cleanser and moves out the neutralized infection that the lymph has been holding
3. Honeygur  2/3 apple cider vinegar to 1/3 honey .  The honey and the vinegar can be infused in herbs.  For example Lemon balm vinegar mixed with garlic and onion honey.

Body or Energy work

Donna Eden’s Allergy energy work: Close your mouth and close off one nostril with your finger. Take four or five slow breaths in and out the open nostril. Repeat thru the other nostril

Acupressure: Grab the web between the thumb and the forefinger and push hard…it usually hurts bad!  I have read that some people use a golf ball and roll it around their hand stimulating points.  You find the hurts and work on that. On the golf ball they roll it between the two hands or roll it on a hard surface to push the points.

Links for further help