Author: Holly Drake

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Why Eat Wild Foods

Why Eat Wild Foods? Nature was the original supermarket.  Ever wonder what the pioneers ate while transversing the Oregon Trail?  There were indeed supermarkets waiting

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Wild Fermentation 101

Today was another Wild Blessings class here on my mountain top.  Rashell Fall, a veteran wild foodie and fermentation expert, was our teacher.  Rashell’s meads

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Forest Fairies

Finally, I justified my hoarding of nature’s decorative gifts…dried flowers, acorn caps, seed pods, feathers, beech nuts, shells from the beach….these all found renewed purpose

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The MAGIC of Stone Soup

Remember the Russian folk tale of the three weary soldiers journeying home from war…hungrily they ask for food and shelter, the suspicious townspeople refused them

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More Cattail Capers

Saturday I took my lovin husband, Jason, to the Cattail swamp.  It was his first visit.  Being an artist, he relished the scenery: the bubbling

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Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose is a magnificent gift from God.  The whole plant is edible and medicinal.  This is one of those prime examples of “Letting food

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