From Forage to Feast

My WILD lunch

I like challenging myself to prepare wild foods for my lunches.  Unknowingly, my family eats wild all the time, though it is a hidden art to pull that off. I’ve written about my culinary deceptions before…

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111 Milkweed Shoots, 37 Burdock Roots…

My secret Burdock patch at Peaceful Acres

Here are young tasty Milkweed stalks

SCORE again! Had not made it back to the Milkweed patch for a week or more and was craving the ‘green bean’ taste of young shoots. It’s important to catch nature’s wave for various wild offerings when they are in the peak of energy and not ‘after’ they peak. With all the rain and sunshine we’ve had I was afraid they would be too old to harvest.

Happily there were many shoots that were still tender enough to harvest for ‘beans’. Snagged 111 of them. Taking a break from garbling them (stripping off their leaves, chopping them into pieces, parboiling and freezing them for future use. The milky latex is now on my computer keyboard as I merely wiped my hands and didn’t use soap. Feels yucky…

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