Sean Croxton Goes Wild

Sean Croxton

Today I met Sean Croxton, the most exciting real health and nutrition blogger and podcast host on the web.  As a Functional and Diagnostic Nutritionist, he posts fascinating and extremely helpful research and reviews on his blog site, Underground Wellness.  But I would also characterize him as a renegade and a rebel with a serious cause.  Sean has been a fixture and a great influence in our home for over 3 years as Jason and I have listened to his podcasts, watched his videos, read his blogs, and purchased his ‘must have’ ebook, The Dark Side of Fat Loss. [Read more…]

Wild Times Remembered

I am a wild foods chef and have offered many wild food feasts where the guests come to learn, forage for wild edibles, and cook a meal together. The cuisine is sometimes Asian, Greek, Italian, Mexican and Indian or just seasonal. [Read more…]