Tapping Maples

Sugarin Time!

Sugarin Time!

This is the time of year to be tapping Maples and Birches. Freezing temps at night and WARM days means the sap is running. One can hear the life surging behind the bark and the steady drip into the buckets fills my heart with gratitude.  With Maple syrup prices soaring and my passion for it we tapped about 5 Maples and are still collecting their generous flow. [Read more…]

Wild Fermentation 101

The High Country’s Fermentation Queen: Rashell Fall

Today was another Wild Blessings class here on my mountain top.  Rashell Fall, a veteran wild foodie and fermentation expert, was our teacher.  Rashell’s meads are reknown in these parts!  In no time at all Rashell had turned my kitchen into a chemistry lab.  Siphons and corks, and bottles, and fizzing bubbling brews danced in their jars. [Read more…]