Jason Drake

American Realist Painter


Eventide – oil on linen, 18 x 36″



“Art has the power to move us and a painting’s composition carries the ability to capture our thoughts and emotions. I have found that things, objects, hold deep meaning for us because we put them into the context of our own experiences. I want people to sense a deep spark rather than a quick flash when viewing my compositions. I am not trying to sensationalize or be sentimental in the subjects I choose. I want to represent real lives, real things, and real places that have beauty in and of themselves.”

Jason’s paintings cause you to pause and reflect. Collectors are drawn to his work because of a connection, whether it be a time, or a place or a person. They enjoy how the subject and the composition allows them to hold on to the meaning of things and their memories. It’s easy to paint pretty pictures, but Jason is trying to go deeper.

Living with his wife Holly and their dog Max in the Appalachian Mountains, Jason creates detailed realistic paintings of the natural world that surrounds him and finds beauty in ordinary things and close friends. He is committed to producing works that reflect the glory of God and the dignity of Man.



Purchase original art on Jason’s website at https://www.jasondrake.com/originals


You can purchase high quality reproductions of Jason’s work on his print website: https://www.jasondrakestudio.com/