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In teaching about wild edible plants, I also demonstrate how to use the free gifts of nature in recipes that can be implemented in any style or cuisine you choose. In this section of the site I provides numerous recipes that I has tested and served, most often during my wild Forage to Feast events that are held in my home. Under the COOKING section of this site you will find recipes for main dishes, salads, breads, side dishes, deserts, and beverages. While my ingredients include pantry staples (hey, eggs are a part of almost all recipes), I mostly desire to show how wild edible plants can replace many of the store bought items we so often use and the wild plants often contain more nutrition and enzymes. Keep in mind, when you forage for wild edible plants, you harvest them right from the ground where they have been thriving and drawing essential nutrients from the ground.

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Essential Oils

Life is too short to be sick. The journey to wellness begins with a change and its time you got started.

As a plant lover and herbalist I am committed to natural healing. Our bodies are made to heal themselves but its up to us to choose the right conditions that will enable us to stay well or to mend. I believe that essential oils are a vital element to a healthy lifestyle because they come from the elements that are essential to the life of the plant and they are tremendously effective in maintaining our well being.

The plants essential oils are their life blood and their immune system, so as much as I LOVE the whole plant the essential oil is the most healing part of the plant.  Young Living is the company that I work with and I am so impressed at how they beautifully they grow and distill these aromatic oils on their own farms in their perfect ecological environment around the world.  I am thankful that I know about the medicinal properties and constituents of the wild green gifts that grow under foot but the essential oils are far more effective in treating physical challenges.  If you want to belong to my Young Living team, it would be my privilege to partner with you as we learn together about the power of Plant Medicine.

Young Living is the easiest way to provide those helpful conditions. Through the painstaking steps of their proprietary Seed to Seal process, they produce the best essential oils in the world. They are committed to providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle, all infused with the life-changing benefits of their essential oils.

This section of the site will introduce you to essential oils and show you how to incorporate them into your lifestyle.



I have been studying plants all my life. From my childhood days walking through the woods with my Grandfather, to my years of studying herbs, I have immersed myself in the study of plants and want to provide a continually growing resource of plant information for those who also enjoy this journey.

Browse the PLANTS pages of the Resources section for information on plants that I have studied and incorporate into my classes. There is nothing better as an antidote to Nature Deficit Disorder than to pull out your loupe and look closely at the evidence of God’s brilliant handiwork in the delicate parts of a living, growing, plant.


Healing Tips

Many of us struggle with the seemingly mundane health issues that can become a frustration or a serious concern if we don’t deal with them. I have compiled some information, much of which has been gathered from many sources I consider very reliable, to help you navigate the alternative ideas that can assist you in your well being and health journey. Of course, I am not a doctor, nor do I suggest that you diagnose yourself, especially when you or your loved ones are ill. You should use your best judgement in considering the severity of your health concern.


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