The MAGIC of Stone Soup

Remember the Russian folk tale of the three weary soldiers journeying home from war…hungrily they ask for food and shelter, the suspicious townspeople refused them any sustenance.  As a final request the men ask for simply a pot of water to cook a magic stone soup with. This they were given.  With curiosity the people watch as the men begin to cook mere stones.  “This will taste even better with a touch of onion” comments one soldier in an off-handed manner.  Eagerly, one of the townspeople runs off to retrieve some onions from their Winter stores.  The stones are really bubbling up a magical smell now.  Ingredients are subtlety suggested to add ‘just the right touch’ to the Magic Stone Soup.  Finally, the ‘stone soup’ is ready to eat, filled with herbs, potatoes, a variety of vegetables and spices.  A hearty brew for all.  Magic! [Read more…]