A Dandelion Celebration

What gives milk
And it’s children fly;
Turns into a puff
As time goes by;
Named for the king of beasts
Yet wears a cheerful face;
Given to us in plenty
By God’s good grace?
(riddle by Heidi Kennedy)

Spring is past, but alas, I wanted very much to share the marvels of new spring growth. So, I rekindled this blog post and refreshed it.  It takes some serious waiting and fidgeting but indeed the heralders of the changing seasons will unfurl their buds, burst up new shoots and unveil those long-awaited-for Spring greens.  [Read more…]

Lost in Wonderland

Naked Spring Trees

I ventured over to the llama farm to see what there is to see. I noted the peppermint which is legendary in it’s delightful potency, the ground ivy in full bloom, young yarrow leaves, hops hopping the fence, beebalm about 4 inches high lining the stream bank at one point, plenty of plantain, lots of burdock rosettes, an alarming number of poison hemlock or water hemlock (not sure which)… the usual suspects. Discovered a few newbies Sand Cherry trees and Japanese Knotweed. [Read more…]