Spreading the ‘Wild Fire’

Eating Bee Balm……so sweet!

What a joy it is to teach children about wild food.  I like to think of it as spreading the Wild Fire!  This past week, I had the privilege of introducing 30 eager learners ages 5 – 30 something (it was a mother daughter week at camp) to their wild heritage in God’s stores. [Read more…]

Wild ID Bags

Stairway to heaven

Had the coolest IDea….  Since identifying a plant accurately is sort of KEY in the wild business… I am always trying to find ways to make it easier to learn and remember.  Photos are great but sometimes they are confusing unless the plant being showcased is filmed against a contrasting background.  Drawing a picture is helpful, more for the exercise in observation and awareness, but my drawings don’t look anything like the real deal.  I’ve tried pressing the leaves under stacks of encyclopedias but that takes a long time and the leaves are brittle to work with..

What to do?

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