Foraging…The Price is Right! A Perfect Day

Hannah’s Arms Full of Lambs Quarter plants in Full Seed

I just got home from a perfect day. The weather was Spring like, low 70’s, brilliant blue skies dotted with a few puffy clouds…. I headed to the local organic farm to see what was left to forage.

On the way I stopped at a cemetery to look for Burdock (on a hunch) found lots of seeds for decoctions but no first year rosettes… oh well I will keep up the search.

The dairy farm is next to the melon patch that I forage in. The cows were extra curious today and kept blocking my truck as I tried to get closer to my goal… I think they were feeling the magic of such a delectable day too!

My haul was about 30 dandelion plants, mostly the roots but some tasty looking leaves. These babies are hugemongus as they grow in this amazing flood plain soil in a cultivated organic garden so their roots were quite long. Not having the correct digging tool I broke off most of them after 8 inches or so, but I got a LOT!

Walking the endless rows of Lambs Quarters I was tickled to hear the delightful sound of seeds falling to the ground as I brushed by. I captured several gallons of them for spreading and gifting to others as well as to make flour with and gruel.

All summer I’ve been on the prowl for Shepherds Purse. It’s heart shaped seed pockets are so cute looking in photos that I just knew it had to be somewhere and easy to identify. No luck, till today.. they were tucked in amongst the Amaranth, Lambsquarters, Plantain, Dandelion and Chamomile. Once I identified them they seemed to sprout up everywhere I looked.   Amperception!

This farm is so vast, I’ve never been able to explore even a 1/5 of it so I’m hopeful for what other treasures are waiting to be discovered on another day.

It occurred to me as I lugged my finds onto the porch, that my work has only begun. Foraging is only part of the adventure, waiting for me are lots of roots to scrub clean, tinctures and vinegars to be made, drying and storing to be done.

My friend and I compared our findings as if we had been in different sections of a fancy store and found great deals to purchase.

Foraging certainly scratches that shopping itch, and the price is right!

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