Reclaiming the Dawn

Reclaiming the Dawn

I’m on a quest to reclaim the dawn.

Listening recently to yet another Underground Wellness podcast where Sean Croxton interviews the brain himself, Paul Chek.  This show featured questions from call ins and Paul’s rather profound answers.  Three times he gave this advice: “Watch the sun rise and watch the sun set and get to sleep early.  Just a few minutes of looking at the rising and the setting sun can help radically reduce the stress of circadian rhythm disorder.”


There are many physiological reasons for this.  Health has a lot to do with when we sleep, when we wake up and the conditions in which we sleep.  The hours sleeping before midnight have a direct effect on whether we are fat, depressed, infertile or sick.  Intrigued?  Read Sean’s awesome blog called, “Lights Out, Is Lack of Sleep Making You Fat?”

I’m currently reading T.S. Wiley’s fascinating book called, “Lights Out” where she claims that we are literally dying for a good night’s sleep.

A long time ‘night owl’ I have always cherished the quiet time after a busy day to work on the computer, read, or surf the web.  I had no idea that I was aging my body four times faster than necessary by such abuse.  The light bulb and electricity have given us endless Summer and a lot of health problems!

So I’m on it and excited to see how my body responds to this new ‘habit’.

Tomorrow I will watch the sunrise on purpose.



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