Japanese Knotweed Berry Jam

Knotweed, Blueberries and Strawberries

Never thought I’d title a  subject line with that name but yes, I gratefully report that I found the evasive green gift hiding in PLAIN view…right next to the cow fence at the llama farm across the street….all along.

Come to find out Knotweed is an extremely invasive plant. It is taking over the planet.  It’s root system is extensive growing a tap root that can be two to three feet as well as lateral roots that extend some 4 feet.  It will grow through concrete, buildings…  eradicating it in England is big business.  So I don’t think I’ll be transplanting any of it to my little acre. [Read more…]

Lost in Wonderland

Naked Spring Trees

I ventured over to the llama farm to see what there is to see. I noted the peppermint which is legendary in it’s delightful potency, the ground ivy in full bloom, young yarrow leaves, hops hopping the fence, beebalm about 4 inches high lining the stream bank at one point, plenty of plantain, lots of burdock rosettes, an alarming number of poison hemlock or water hemlock (not sure which)… the usual suspects. Discovered a few newbies Sand Cherry trees and Japanese Knotweed. [Read more…]