Milkweed Shoots & Violets

Hiking up above Peaceful Acres with my collies in search of Morels…. again.  Seemed like a reasonable place to look… many trees were felled years ago left to rot. No luck.

Yet my wild shopping basket still filled up with early Spring shoots and leaves from wild edibles. [Read more…]

Stinging Nettles SCORE!

Stinging Nettle Soup….so intensely delicious

My kitchen counter is 100% green with my catch of the day: Stinging Nettle. Had to drive to Tennessee to harvest it but I was out that way for other reasons so I took advantage of the opportunity to get me some Nettle.

Simply amazing how much there was to be had. All started from a single row of Urtica seedlings, 20 years ago or so…. [Read more…]