Score! Cattail Green Cobs

Blackeyed Susan Beauty

After last weeks frightful encounter with chiggers or something akin to such a scourge, I ventured back into the swamp today with my friend Savannah.  This time I was smart enough to prevent bug infestation by covering our skin with Yarrow and Lavender spray (a natural repellant that I make). [Read more…]

Spearmint and Red Clover Blossoms

At the bowl of the pasture there is an endless patch of wild Spearmint!

One of my herbal friends and foraging partners lives on beautiful land off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. One of the surprising gifts of their many acres is an endless supply of Spearmint in a lower pasture. It is fed by underground springs and thus happily multiplying in the moisture that mints are so fond of.

Fun to walk through the knee high grasses and plants noticing the many tight buds of Daisy, Yarrow, Self Heal and Clover. Soon the fields will be ablaze with color. Every once in awhile a Red Clover blossom presented itself and I gladly plucked it to restock my dwindling supply of last Summer’s Trifolium pratense. A few looked so plump and tasty that they never made it to the basket. If they are found before the bees pollinate them they taste almost as sweet as honey!

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