Digging Spring Roots

Skipper and I cleaning roots

Today, being the 4th quarter of the moon, it is best not to plant veggies in my garden so I spent my morning digging roots with my 19 year old son, Justin. We went over to the llama farm and dug up the following roots: Japanese Knotweed – Polygonum cuspidatum, Solomon Seal – Polygonatum spp, Purple Trillium- Trillium erectum.

Back home I dug up Pokeweed root – Phytolacca americana, Blackberry – Rubus laciniatus and Evening Primrose – Oenothera spp roots. All is cleaned and sitting on my counter waiting for my second wind to chop them.

Digging roots with my muscular fit son (who wouldn’t let me take his picture) was surely the easiest I’ve had at such a pastime. I mostly pointed and he dug. Perhaps I’ll ask him to help me chop them up for tinctures as well.

Solomon Seal,  are the coolest roots ever!!  I love the way they reveal their medicinal giftings with the doctrine of signature and their knobby joints. I left a piece of root in place but there was no worries about sustainability cause the stream they grow along sports a gazillion of them.

Trillium, surprising how small their root system is.

Poke root,  I have a poke forest in my backyard, (small wonder when I saw the MASSIVE root structures to those babies)

Evening Primrose root, it is edible, tastes like a spicy parsnip. Be sure to eat only the first year root as being a biennial the second year root is merely there to hold up the tall structure of flowers and seed pods and is thus quite woody and inedible.

Blackberry root, is a miracle diarrhea stopper. A wow preparation for sure.

Solomon Seal Roots, notice their knobby joints, good for joint health!

Solomon Seal roots chopped


  1. In the picture of the two roots above, your front root is false Solomon’s seal! The one in the back is true Solomon’s seal!

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