Learning from One of the Best!

Serene shares her wisdom and wild knowledge

Had such an interesting morning at the ASU farm today with an esteemed herb mentor and teacher here in the High Country. Serene has 18 years of WILD experience living off the land, living in a yurt, a teepee, embracing and being blessed by plants for food and for medicine. I joined her class with 6 others who long to learn hands on from such a fascinating teacher.

I have learned so much through books and via Herbmentor.com forums, DVD’s and long distance learning but this is the first time I’ve had a teacher right beside me to show me nuances that I have yet to grasp.


Today Serene urged us to shift our lingo when referring to plants. Avoid saying “I use Dandelion for…” we don’t USE our friends. Still mulling over what I will say instead. Perhaps, Dandelion has served me in these ways or blesses me or offers these gifts…
Any other ways to say it more respectfully?

God’s free gifts for our wellbeing

After an inspiring herbwalk we ate lunch inside the barn with a drumming LOUD rainstorm pounding on the tin roof. Hard to talk over that but then just surrendering to the noise till it finally subsided leaving a memory to dwell on 🙂

Filled my basket with lots of Burdock and Cow Parsnip and Dandelion roots (which I will dry to reconstitute throughout the year). Chickweed that was still lush and not yet gone to seed, Comfrey flowers and young shoots to eat tempora style!, Chamomile to dry for tea…

Our homework assignment is to pick a plant ally to buddy up to for the Summer. Oh good grief. How will I ever choose!? Can’t live without any of them!

One of the students is a beautiful young mother who wants to care for her family naturally.  Imagine how much little Iris will know learning with her mom!

Anna and Iris

A happy day. Just had to share!



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