My Wild Lunch

Wildy delicious and nutritious

It has long been a goal of mine to not merely substitute wild plants or merely add them in my cooking but to feature them…alone.

Today’s lunch was a wild success!

I sauteed a large handful of young Lambsquarter leaves in some bacon grease. To this I added some Sweet and Sour Burdock roots (made a few days ago) and some Gingered Milkweed Carrots (fermented a few weeks ago), sprinkled my Sea Zest (Kelp, Nettle and Lambsquarter and Sesame seeds), topped it all with some feta cheese (not so wild) and have been bouncing off the walls with energy ever since!

Can’t beat FREE and can’t beat WILDLY free!

Thank you Lord!

One of the ways to eat wild quickly and all year is to pickle or ferment wild foods. The Gingered Milkweed carrots I made several weeks ago and I put a heaping spoonful into lots of dishes to get the taste (especially good in eggrolls). The Sweet and Sour Burdock Roots is a recipe from Herbmentor and I love to make lots of it to add to casseroles, soups, stirfries, eggrolls…

So a yummy lunch like this really only takes seconds to prepare. The Lambsquarter was fresh from the garden where it grows welcomed and cherished.

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