My blogs are the stories of exploration, teaching, and discovery of the wonders of nature and the Creator who shows off all his fascinating handiwork to us. As you read you will learn with me and uncover ways to build a restorative lifestyle of your own.

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Befriending Hawthorns

The Bible says that the Life is in the Blood (Leviticus 17:14). ” The issues of life are the blood. Our body is only alive

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Befriending Chestnuts

Would it peak your curiosity to learn that there is a tree that has been acclaimed as God’s Acorn, The Bread Tree, The Money Tree,

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Befriending Acorns

It is late September, White and Red Oak trees are releasing their acorns to the forest floor.  The time to gather is now before the

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Chickweed Recipes

Chickweed is one of my favorite wild edible Spring plants! It is full of nutrients and minerals, it’s fresh, nutty flavor is delicious raw, in

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Befriending Knotweed

Befriending Japanese Knotweed Japanese knotweed is commonly referred to as a Dreadible Edible.  It is impossible to eradicate and it has plans to take over

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Hiking Habit

Two indispensable daily habits that have become a part of the rhythm of my life are my hiking habit and my treasured sit spot. A

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