Wild Italian Salad

Lumini's Wild Salad

Wild Salad
Collect as many wild leaves that look tasty as you can find and add them to the organic salad mix in the frig.  Always look for the younger more tender leaves when ‘shopping’.
Garble out the leaves that are bug bitten and discolored.
Be sure to chop up the wild leaves with either herb scissors (for the extremely bitter plants) and ripping or cutting the others into bite sized pieces.

Dandelion leaves
Violet leaves
Lambsquarter leaves
Daisy leaves
Nasturtium leaves
Red Clover leaves
Raspberry leaves
Marshmallow leaves
Wood Sorrel  (small amount)
Oxalis (small amount)
Amaranth leaves
Sassafras leavs
Baby Lettuce and Arugula

Edible flowers: daisies, pansies, lilly flowers, red clover flowers, rose, chamomile, echinacea

Toppings: Croutons, red onions, diced cucumber, chopped tomato, Lambs Quarter seeds,

Italian Wild Salad Dressing : process in blender
3/4 c Herbal infused oil (Bee Balm)
1/2 c Blackberry leaf vinegar or other Herbal infused vinegar
1 T Parmesan, grated
1 large clove garlic, minced
1/4 tsp sea salt
1 T herbal honey of choice
1/2 tsp oregano, dried  or 1 sprig of fresh
1 sprig of fresh parsley
3 Basil leaves
Fresh Ground Pepper
Measure and blend well, taste and adjust to your liking, bottle in a glass bottle and cork

Nutrition Facts

Amaranth: High in vegetable Protein 2.9g, Calcium 448 mg B Carotine 4300ug, Carbs 4.5g,  Vitamin C 53mg  Potassium 617 mg. Most nutritious of ALL plants
Lambsquarters: High in Beta Carotene 3800ug, Calcium 324mg, Potassium 684mg, and Iron 1.5 mg (more than spinach!). It is also high in b-complex vitamins and vitamin C 40 mg.
Marshmallow leaves: Potassium (410mg), Protein (3.6 g), Beta Carotene (3315ug)  Iron (3.7 mg)
Raspberry leaves: Calcium (204 mg), Potassium (3,226 mg), Niacin (6,500ug), Iron 17 mg
Dandelion: high in Protein 2.7g, Calcium 187mg, Iron 3 mg, Carbos 9.2g, Vit C 68 mg,  and vitamin A
Daisy leaves: Protein 1.8 g, very high in Beta-Carotene 3,160 ug, Riboflavin 190 ug, Niacin 600 ug. and Potassium 398 mg
Chickweed: high in Calcium 160mg, minerals, Potassium 243 mg, and Magnesium  (it’s cooling qualities make a great poultice for sunburns or insect bites, Vit C 350 mg, Protein 1.2 g
Violet leaves: high in Vit A and C
Wood Sorrel: high in Vit C 119mg, Beta Carotene 7740ug, Niacin 465 ug, Protein 2.1 g, Calcium 66 mg, also high in oxalic acid (too much of oxalic acid can inhibit calcium absorption)

Nasturtium: peppery taste, high in Vitamin C
Red clover: weapon against cancer, blood purifier, blood thinner, contains salicylic acid, Niacin 2200ug, Potassium 354 mg, Carbos 13.5, Protein 2 grams, Vit C 52 mg Calcium 232 mg
Monarda: flowers taste like honey suckle, anti bacterial qualities
Daisy Flowers: high in Potassium (570 mg) and Beta Carotene (8800 ug)
Chamomile Flowers: Carbos 14.7g, Protein 2.2 g, Fier 1.4 g, Niacin 2801 ug
Rose Petals: Calcium 47 mg

Plantain Seeds: Niacin 3800 ug Potassium 339 mg, Fiber 13.7 g, Carbos 59.7 g, Protein 17 g
Fat 7.6 g
Lambsquarter Seeds: Potassium 1687 mg, Calcium 1036 mg, Protein 19.6g