Wild Immune Building

Dear Wild Friends,

The best offense against the flu is a healthy host.  Real food is what the body is meant to run on and wild food properly gathered and prepared is the best of all!

Reclaim nourishing traditions that build health from the inside out.  Learn how to cook with the huge variety of free and nutritious foods from God’s grocery store.

I’ll demonstrate the art of making healing teas, wild bone broth soups, infused wild vinegars and oils, wild seasonings, wild healing honeys and syrups, fermented wild veggies, fire cider… and we’ll discuss a few natural immune building healing secrets as well!

Wild Food Snacks to Sample

Lemonbalm Tea, Sumac Lemonade, Goldenrod Sparkle

Chickweed Hummus

Lambsquarter Seed Crackers

Evening Primrose Kimchi

Acorn Muffins w/ Autumn Olive Berry Jam

Cream of Nettle Soup w/ Burdock Root

Milkweed Frittata

Wild Seeds Energy Balls

Dandelion Root Coffee

Elderberry Spiced Tea

All ingredients are organic & gluten free

Join me on Saturday, February 9th to learn, cook and eat together!
Space is limited.  RSVP required.

$35 suggested donation includes instruction, handouts, yummy wild food samples and take home extracts for the flu season.  (bring a few small jars)

Wild blessings abound!

The Spring Fling is next on March 30th where we’ll discover early edible Spring greens.  A New York Style chopped wild salad will follow with Crabgrass muffins!! GO WILD!


Psalms 104:24 “Oh Lord, how many and varied are your works!  In wisdom You have made them all.  The whole earth is full of your riches.”