Four Reasons Why Essential Oils May Not Work For You

Four Reasons Why Essential Oils May Not Work 4 You

I have wanted to share on this important topic for a while since essential oils are so trendy, even though they are an ancient healing gift, sometimes they just don’t work.  Why is that?  Is it all hype?  Listen in and learn some important tips to make sure you are using the plant medicine to DO for you what they do for the plants.  As an herbalist, I love everything about plants but their oils are powerful tiny molecules can have a life changing impact on us if we use them right and have quality oils.  I hope you take a moment and listen in and grow in your understanding of these amazing molecules.

“There is precious treasure and oils in the house of the wise.”  Proverbs 21:20

Four Reasons Why Essential Oils May Not Work for YouBrooke Cuttino Kornegay shares on Young Living’s Seed to Seal Brown , Emily Rose Marriott, and I are offering a discount on Premium Starter Kit (this weekend only)! Contact us to begin your Young Living lifestyle.#youareworthit #yleo #investinyourhealth

Posted by Holly Drake on Friday, February 15, 2019

Thank you Emily Marriot and Brook Brown for joining me in this discussion.

Brooke Kornegay could not join our round table so she recorded her part.  Here is the link to Brooke Kornegay’s talk on Young Living’s standards for farming and distilling to get oils that actually work.  She does an outstanding job and because of her background with a Master’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture she has a genuine interest in this topic.  Don’t miss listening to Brooke.