Holly’s Gifts to New Members

God’s Love Manifest in Molecules = Essential Oils!

When you purhcase the fabulous Young Living Premium Starter Kit (this kit is always half off of the retail price) from me you will receive the following awesome blessings!

1.  A welcome box full of helpful gifts from Holly Drake (pictured below)

2.  Education, Mentorship, oily gatherings local and long distance, private FaceBook support groups to help you learn the oily ropes.

Investing in your health is the best use of your money.  Health = Wealth

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This is typically the kind of oily love I gift my new customers to help them begin this path of natural healing: a few YL samples, an Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide, bath salts, empty roller bottle, gelcaps, boston round dropper bottle and a beautiful diffuser necklace plus helpful handouts.

Take the oily plunge, join me with this link and be blessed!

God bless you!

Holly 828 406 8241

My YL number is 2095231

Thank you for supporting me as you invest in YOU!

“There are precious treasures and OILS in the house of the wise”  Proverbs 21:20

Essential Rewards Further Blessings (optional)

Join ER Wellness when you enroll with Young Living to get your kit and get further savings & blessings.



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