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Healing Oils in the Life of Jesus Christ

Jesus’ life fulfilled many prophecies of ancient Scripture and He was called “The Christ,” even by those who knew Him best. What does this title mean and why was it important to verifying who He was? Come and explore the life of Jesus in a way you have never heard before through a presentation called, “Healing Oils in the Life of Christ.” Holly Drake will share this unique part of the life of Jesus while you experience for yourself the aromas and impact of these ancient oils. She will answer these questions and others like:

• Why was Jesus given essential oils at his birth?

• Why were essential oils used by Jesus and His disciples with prayer for healing?

• How does the Bible explain God’s design for using essential oils in your health?

When: April 2, 2021 7:30-9pm

Where: online

Cost: FREE


Watch this presentation on my Holly Drake FaceBook page LIVE (instead of my WildBlessings w/Holly Drake page) or join in my Zoom meeting where we can interact as we learn.


Friday, April 2, 8:30 PM (EST)
Zoom or Facebook (Live)
Meeting ID: 815 0851 6487
Passcode: 162559