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What People Are Saying

Linda Runyon – WildFoodCo.

I have been following Holly’s work for sometime now.  Her writing and enthusiasm takes me back to my earlier homestead memories.  Holly has a wonderful way to present the age old wild food plants.  Her recipes are absolutely magnificent, her presentations are to perfection, and anyone who is lucky enough to have even a tiny part of her enthusiasm and knowledge of wild food would be very fortunate.  Don’t hesitate to listen, hear, see, and taste where the skills of foraging have taken this young lady. Only from God and nature can they be so evident.

Dee James

Have you ever forged for your dinner then prepared it and cooked it then ate it with new acquaintances and then magic…… Six hours later you are dear friends of all these incredible talented North Carolinians… your dinner was made from all the items you picked and dug up from the earth!!! One of the healthiest experiences of my life mentally emotionally and a totally delicious meal we all prepared together…

Kitty Rosatti – Patterson School Incubator Farm

Hard to say which was more enjoyable, I’m glad I don’t have to – – the fabulous raw, foraged food, the awesome people who participated, getting to meet Holly‘s talented husband Jason and getting blown away by his artistic gifts, and of course getting to study with Holly our extraordinary hostess.

Natalie Holshouser

Loved every minute of talking with each of these amazing friends.   We had an Exceptionally Fabulous time.

Mary Lou Fodor

Fantastic, everything! Holly created such a fabulous opportunity to meet a dynamic & thought proving group of people. All the knowledge she shared and the love, hard work and inspiration that went into last nights Forage to Feast was truly, truly amazing. Loved it all.

Laura Weant

“Ever wanted to know what plants are edible in your own backyard?  Curious which plants on your property would have been used for first aid situations by humans in previous generations? To forage safely for wild edibles and medicinals, you need a guide. And if you live in the High Country or are visiting, you’re in luck, because Holly is amazing. She can show you the poisonous look-alikes, teach you about the plant’s properties and nutrition, AND show you how to prepare them – or, rather, she has you do the hands-on work yourself. I’ve learned so much from Holly over the years, and am proud to call her a friend. You should check out her class! (I don’t do promotions, but I love Holly and her work, and think humans should reclaim some of this lost knowledge about the plants around us. Did you know you probably have a spinach substitute growing on your property that is tastier and packs more protein – and it’s free? You have to find out!) —”