Iced Chicory Root Coffee w/ Raw Cream

Wild Teas ready for my WILD dinner tomorrow

Yerba mate & Chicory Root Iced Coffee!

This herbal coffee substitute gives lots of energy and tastes very similar to coffee (I think better).  Order yerba mate (google for health benefits) from  Be sure to only get the roasted kind.  The green kind tastes like grass.

In a quart sized mason jar put

– 1 inch of the dried cut and sifted mate
– 1 inch of Roma it is mostly roasted Chicory root with some Rye.  Learn to roast Chicory root here.
– pour boiling water to fill the jar and lid it.  Make several jars at a time.  The next day it is nice and strong.  Pour some through a strainer and warm it in a pot.
– add a big spoonful of blackstrap molasses – unsulphured only
– fill the rest of the jar with raw milk (ratio is 1/2 mate and 1/2 milk)

You can make it as weak or strong as you like. Many have a bit of a healing crisis with it and have to go slow.  See how it affects your GI tract.  It can give weak intestines a real cleaning.  The South Americans grow coffee beans and ship them to us.  They drink the yerba mate.  They know the benefits.  It is their social drink.  They drink it in gourds with special straws.

Written by Laura Bowen