Botanical name: Portulaca oleracea  (portulaca means milk carrier)

Family: Portulacaceae

Common names: pigweed


Plant shape: creeping mat-like, Height 8″-10″, annual   stem: red succulent  flowers: bright yellow 3/8 ” across, Leaves: thick succulent ovals 1 1/4 ” long


Blooms from June – September


Loves gardens cut back and they will send out tender new shoots


Old stems may be used stripped of leaves and pickled

use in salads, soups, grind seeds for nutritious paste

boil leaves shortly then fry in oil

with chopped onion add cheese as a Mexican side dish

best raw or slightly cooked so add at last minute to recipes (or it will get slimyP

Nutrition Facts

Water 93.9 grams

Protein 1.3 grams

Carbs 3.4 grams

Calcium 65 mg

Sodium 45 mg

Potassium 494 mg

Miacin 500 us

Calories: 16

Herbal Actions: Alterative, Refrigerant, Bactericide, Antipyretic, Antidote, Antidysenteric, Antiphlogistic, Diuretic, Muscilagenous


Health Benefits of Purslane

1. Purslane is the richest known plant source for Omega 3 acids!!!!!  Omega 3 acids are found mostly in fish oils.  These fatty acids reduce blood cholesterol and blood pressure, clotting inflammation and increase immunity

2. Purslane is high in vitamin C and is used as a scurvy remedy

3. The juice of the leaves is an antidote for wasp stings and snake bites

4. Fresh juice of plant taken with sugar and honey relieves dry coughs

5. Make a plant poultice to soothe sunburn or even a headache

6. Sticky broken leavs of fresh purslane soothes burns stings and swellings.  The juice can be used to treat earaches and soothe sore gums

7. Valuable treatment for urinary and digestive problems

8. Diuretic effect of juice alleviates bladder ailments

9. Mucilaginous properties sooth gastrointestinal problems (dysentary and diarrhea)

10. Heals ulcers, wounds and sores


http://www.weeddancefarm.com/writings/purslane.htm   Purslane is juicy, slightly lemony and fabulous in salsas, in salads, and chopped in potato salad, on tomato sandwiches, tossed with cheese cubes and vinegar and oil… Tastes best raw but the older stems can also be pickled.
But, the mother of all recipes for staying cool in the summertime is a big bowl of cold Wise Woman Purslane Gazpacho. Seriously, this is in my top ten recipes of all time. Its incredibly refreshing on a hot day, really a staple here once the purslane comes on strong. I was lucky enough to learn how to make this when I was kitchen cook at the Wise Woman Center several years ago (thank you Susun!)….and now you can make it too 🙂
A secret to elevating this is nice precise tiny dice with the knife. If your knife skills are lacking, this is a good recipe to practice on, everything should be diced small and the same size, it really does matter.

~Wise Woman Purslane Gazpacho~
– In a big bowl put 6 cups chopped tomatoes
- peel, gut, and chop 4 cups of cukes.
- Sprinkle a tbs of sea salt over this and put in the fridge overnight.
Just before serving, add 4 cups of chopped purslane, shredded basil and if you have it shiso leaves (really it takes it up a notch, its easy to grow and self seeds each year), two cloves of minced garlic, 2 tbs of fresh lemon juice or balsamic vinegar (either one) and a half cup of olive oil.
Serve cool and sit on the back porch with your bowl and just try to wipe that grin off your face, its that good!