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Poison Ivy Rash

No one thinks about Poison Ivy rashes until they have one. But most have war stories of the time when…

My dear friend Cheryl was climbing her apple tree to pluck a few out of reach apples when she contacted Toxicodendron radicans. Here is her email distress call:  Holly, “Could you please call me as soon as possible. I  have a pretty serious poison ivy infection and need help.  My right arm is swollen with big whelps. It feels like the circulation in that arm is compromised. I have tried many things that have not worked.”  Having just infused a GALLON of the freshest, juiciest Jewelweed into Braggs Apple cider vinegar this Summer I felt prepared to say “Sure, come on over!”

I’ll let you know what works!

On a preventative note, my friend Gerald lives on PI infested land and NEVER gets a rash because beginning in the early Spring when PI leaves are young and tender he eats them.  Daily.  Yes it is true and by doing this he inoculates himself against a reaction.  I’m really not that brave.

On another preventative note, Jewelweed is a powerful plant to ‘wear’ before getting into a PI patch.  It will keep you from contracting Rhus dermatis but if you do it will also help heal it.

Poison Ivy Toxicondendron radicans


1. “It’s great when we have goats to milk because when they graze on the poison ivy, then we drink the milk they make, and we don’t get it.” (Diane)

Well this is a far stretch for most of us but I thought it was an interesting solution!

2. As for any health condition eat healthy, drink plenty of water, avoid sugars and flours that will compromise your already compromised immune system.


1. Poison Ivy rashes are quite contagious and can be spread easily from one person to another or to other parts of the body.  Take extreme caution to avoid this.  Wash clothes separately.  Use different towels. Don’t scratch the rash and then another part of your body…  Common sense stuff.

2. Familiarize yourself with what Poison Ivy looks like.  It is usually found near Jewelweed, the antidote.  So learn about Jewelweed as well.  Jewelweed is one of my favorite edible plants and is certainly a helpful one when it comes to contact dermatitis.


1. Bentonite clay wet into a paste with Jewelweed ACV  Works like magic!  Must harvest the Jewelweed when it is at the height of it’s juicy energy.

2. Poison Ivy Tea
2 parts Nettle    1 part Rosemary    1 part Basil   Drink daily 1 cup or 2 depnding on how bad. Gets the internal histamines under control so skin rash heals fast.

3. Mugwort. You can make a vinegar, and use it topically and internally. (Heather Nic n Fleisdeir)

4. Moonwort and Wild Rose  “My favorite treatment for poison ivy/oak, just dilute the tincture with water and apply as a compress.  (Kiva Rose)

5. Jewelweed fresh “I was living on a farm in VA for a while, and one of our farmhands had a very nasty rash from going to the bathroom in the woods. He could hardly walk, and it was spreading. I went and got a basketful of jewelweed, and threw it into the blender with just a bit of water. I gave him some of the mush, and sent him into the bathroom to apply it. I gave him a container full to take home and use that night. It felt better almost immediately, and the next day it was starting to scab over and heal. He couldn’t get over how quickly it was relieved. I now make a soap and a spray with jewelweed. They really do work! (found this testimony on the web somewhere)

*6. Turmeric powder mixed with Bentonite clay wet into a paste with water or Jewelweed ACV.  Add a few drops Oregano Oil from Starwest Botanicals. This is what I sell in my Wild Blessings Store because it is hands down the best thing I’ve ever seen for serious PI rashes!

7.  Jewelweed poutice (blended with some witch hazel distillate, made a paste with clay, calendula tincture, and Jewelweed infused in WHD), also made a spray with Yarrow tincture, Calendula tincture, and Rose hydrosol.  (something I did once for a case of PI that Jason had, worked great)

Turmeric and Bentonite clay paste wet with Jewelweed ACV

“My most successful treatment for a severe Poison Ivy rash was a plaster of Betonite Clay and Turmeric. Of course I had the added bonus of a wardrobe transformation with all my clothes getting bright saffron colored splotches on them. But when yogurt and Jewel Weed and such had failed, this plaster worked rapidly to bring down the inflammation.” (Carla)

Warning about salves and PI: People do make salve, but I don’t like using oil on the rash. Seems to seal in the bad stuff. Fill a jar with the fresh Jewelweed and cover it with apple cider vinegar. Just leave it there until you need it. The vinegar has the added benefit of helping to dry out the rash. Fresh Jewelweed can also be frozen.

7. Boil twigs of paper Birch for 10 minutes and applied the tea as a wash.

8. Make a strong Calendula tea to put on the rash (Kimber)

9. Jewelweed, Corn silk, Peach, Nettle, tincture blend.  Take this internally to help with the allergic reaction.  3 times a day 15 drops

10. Lavender castile soap rubbed directly on the rash would help to ‘dry it out’.

Vitamins and Minerals

1. B complex helps adrenals (allergic reaction). (LB)

2. I am highly alergic to Poison Ivy…When I get it I take a teaspoon of Chlorophyll in a small amount of water every day, in a few days it is dried up! (Carla)

Household Remedies

1. ACV + baking soda …drink 1 tbsp every hour (LB)

2. Wash area with hot water + strong dish detergent (like Dawn) (LB)

3. Apply ACV, let dry.  Reapply. Let dry. (LB)

4. Mix sea salt in hot water.  Add more and more sea salt and stir to dissolve until it won’t all dissolve (called a super saturated saline solution)  Apply when cooled as often as needed.  May sting. (LB)

5. Fresh Aloe vera the next day – apply several times that day. (LB)

6. A fun pain reliever is rubbing the infected area with a banana peel, it is very soothing.

7. Clay and Oat flour — make a paste with some hot water to put on the rash (Diane)

8. “I also used a hair dryer on the rash before bed. Set it as hot as you can without burning the skin.You want the rash to feel the heat. You can also use very warm water (the hottest temp.you can stand without burning the skin) or use the tea very warm. You can also run very warm water over rash in the tub. By using hot heat from the hair dryer or hot water or tea >it prevents the rash from itching for several hours and this can help promote sleep to get needed rest. (Kimber)

Body or Energy work


Links for further help

Just found this link claiming to have 14 home remedies for Poison Ivy rash. http://tipnut.com/poison-ivy-home-remedy/


Disclaimer: Holly Drake is not a medical doctor.  All communication is for informational purposes only.  Not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.  Seek your healthcare provider if you so choose.




A lady once told me that lavender castile soap rubbed directly on the rash would help to ‘dry it out’. I’ve never tried it…she just relayed the message when i went in to get my bi-monthly supply. What do ya’ll think?