Reasons why oils may not work for you

Four reasons why oils may not work for you

Not real oils

  1.    Soil, seed cultivation harvest distilation testingcypress 268 healing constituents 10 degrees off only 11 constituents  FDA  3 5 to claim pure   YL Beyond organic tests

2. Not using them right

Still in the box, I have known people who buy their Starter kit and never even take it out of the plastic? They surely won’t work for you if you don’t use them!!



use as medicine and not food  Don’t treat essential oils like they are medicine. They are not medicine.  Use them like they are fruits and vegetables, Use a wide variety of them multiple times a day. Essential oils come off the plants volitale substances that come off trees aand flowers. Spending time outside you could tak in a ton of oils.  They are everywhere.  But we aren’t outside as often as we should Brethe inall the time  Adam and Eve placed in a garden by Go walked among the plants and shrubs and trees and flowers and part of daily regular routine.  If wait to use an oil till you have a problem. Use all the time every day Sitting by my diffuser,

oily only one key to vibrant living

Bring outdoors inside with diffuser

no side effects

breathe work with our bodies


3. Toxic Reaction

Doing their job  problems 0 headache  rash  slow and low


Toxic Body burden

What’s wrong with toxins

Toxic things lodge in receptor of cells and cause abdormal cells

Get toxic junk out so body can function properly

Oils one of the best ways to get toxins out

Lemon over liver

Lemon water Styrofoam

4. Lone Ranger – no support

menot oily community ask qquestions share victories, find out about all the sales and deals

SPunky Oils closed FB group ROILS website

5. Premium Starter Kit

Favorite oils or producst in kit