Teaching Tuesdays

Ever wonder what wild edible plants are available on Nature’s grocery shelves right now? Explore Nature’s Wave with me every week in the comfort of your living room.

For years this class was held on the porch of the Todd Mercantile but with Covid restrictions, I decided to keep the learning going in the safety of our own homes. Join me in this weekly virtual class where I will teach about edible and medicinal plants as they come in season.  I’m so excited to be starting this in the Winter so we can ride Nature’s Wave together.  Sometimes we’ll be befriending one plant for the hour and then writing a poem about it, other times I will teach on important topics to empower you as a forager and fellow wild one to appreciate creation and the Creator.  I will demonstrate various herbal preparations and cooking techniques with wild foods right there in my kitchen.  Watch out Gordon Ramsey!! This class is about cooking WILD! This is only available for members of Wild Blessings w/ Holly Drake private FB group.  Friend me on Holly Drake FaceBook if you want to be added to our private Wild Blessings group.

When: Every Tuesday from 11-12pm EST live

Where: Facebook live on Wild Blessings w/ Holly Drake (a private group, by invitation only)

How: “Friend me” on Facebook so I can invite you and your family to my private FB group, Wild Blessings w/Holly Drake. Missed the live session and all the things we learned this week? No problem. The videos are viewable on demand in the feed of my Private facebook group.

What: Topics we will explore over the coming months are: Seizing the Seasons, The Wild Garden, The Restorative Power of Nature, Appreciating Nature with all 5 Senses, Edible Trees, Edible Flowers, Invasive Plants, Plant Medicine, Cooking and Preserving the Harvest, Roots, Seeds, Sit Spots, Herbing Around, Creating with Nature, The Honorable Harvest, Moon Cycles, Fermenting Wild Plants, Preserving the Wild Harvest, Art and Plants, The Re’s of Nature: Revive, Refresh, Recharge, Refocus, Realign, Reaffirm, Reflect, Rediscover, Reconnect, Poisonous Flowers, Your Plant Ally, Weeding Contemplations, Botany, Soil, Sunrise and Sunset, Deadly Look-a-Likes and of course Befriending Plants (one plant in great detail)

February 2 – Befriending Pine

February 9 – Seizing the Seasons

February 16 – Seeing Trees in Winter

Cost: FREE